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alphacat crypto

The first quantitative investment platform based on digital currency. The first platform provide AI trading robots to offer investment advisor service. Alphacat. Alphacat is a marketplace for simple-to-use yet powerful robo-advisors focused on cryptocurrency investment. Built using the NEO platform and developed by. Market Volume = Current Price x Circulating Supply. It refers to the total market value of a cryptocurrency's circulating supply. It is similar to the free-. NBA BETTING LINE MOVEMENT

Once reserved only for large financial institutions, these advantages would now be made accessible to everyone. Ecosystem for Crypto-Power-Tools Made for Beginners and Experts Alphacat offers a complete ecosystem for financial experts and developers to easily design, deploy and monetize, their own financial tools and inventions based on AI and big data technologies.

Professional investors would evaluate and rate the strategies and performance of these tools, sharing their findings with the community, creating an ever-improving, self-sustaining ecosystem. It is where researchers and experts can create and publish immutable financial investment and innovation research papers.

The blockchain will also maintain the privacy and security of the investors who use their research, while offering trustless incentives to deserving parties, ensuring fairness and the verifiability of all participants. Financial experts and developers utilizing the powerful ACAT-Engine to easily design, deploy and monetize from their own robo-advisors and other financial inventions.

Beginners and expert Investors making smarter decisions using AI-powered advisory-robo, ultimately reaching higher returns and reducing risk on their cryptocurrencies investments. Capturing, classifying and encapsulating thousands of datasets, it provides powerful insights necessary to understand and navigate the complex digital market world.

We provide competitive, cutting edge applications and robo-advisors that utilize our proven and patented prediction algorithms, as well as other technologies not yet commercially available. The advantages of these technologies have shown to be superior in both their cost and efficiency, versus traditional investment means and methods.

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