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Ethereal breath of the dying


ethereal breath of the dying

50% Chance To Cast Level 20 Poison Nova When You Kill An Enemy Indestructible +60% Increased Attack Speed +% Enhanced Damage (varies). EBOTD - Ethereal Breath of the Dying. Looking for abbreviations of EBOTD? It is Ethereal Breath of the Dying. Ethereal Breath of the Dying listed as EBOTD. How is Ethereal Breath of the Dying (gaming, Diablo 2 Runeword) abbreviated? EBOTD stands for Ethereal Breath of the Dying (gaming, Diablo 2 Runeword). NZ TAB FIXED ODDS BETTING

Incidentally, I noticed my post should read "Colossus Blade", not "Colossus Sword" - the latter gets capped at 5 sockets, so it won't work. I knew the difference, I just typed the wrong one. I've thought of that I was leaning toward a two-handed weapon before posting this, as I tend to prefer those for some reason CorporalPenguin 13 years ago 4 Then, don't make anything with it yet.

Breath of the Dying requires a Vex as well, and you could use that to make a Hoto. You made the Zod yourself, so you know it's not going to poof on you, so no hurry. It also has low requirements compared to the other weapons ebotd tmaul has very high max damage but very low min damage, and i mean very low. You will also be wasting a lot of points in strgth. The other items wont make a decent ebotd, so forget about them Explopyro Topic Creator 13 years ago 6 Heh I have the Vex set aside too, and Heart of the Oak really doesn't appeal.

In case you can't tell, I use Runeword Mod obviously It'll probably be a while before I actually assemble the runeword. I have a character project still in the works that I'd like to finish first, and it's one I've wanted to make for over a year Earth Shifter druid, I finally managed to get my hands on that elusive maul I'm not sure, though, which is why I'm asking to see if anyone else thinks some other choice would end up being better, or more interesting.

I'm not sure if I think Whirlwind is an interesting enough skill to be worth spending these runes on. Liikala 13 years ago 7 Ethereal Superior Berserker Axe hands down. Mainly due to the range and high damage, as well as the fast attacking speed, all ideal for almost any build. Nonetheless, the perfect base equipment to use with the Breath of the Dying is the ethereal Berserker Axe, as it has the greatest Damage per second, and its Zod rune requirements make it indestructible.

It is also the highest level weapon available in the entire game and has the only Rune Word that requires Zod rune requirements, which is the rarest and highest rune in the game. The Rune Word requirements make it more powerful, and the Berserker Axe offers the weapon with the highest Damage per second for a one-armed weapon. Furthermore, the Breath of the Dying offers a 50 percent damage bonus to cast Poison Nova, which decimates a large number of your enemies with ease.

As you create Runewords, you should keep in mind that the Runewords you create will have the pre-existing bonuses retained on the weapon. Final Thoughts Though expensive to make, the Breath of the Dying Runeword is arguably the most useful weapon for a melee character. It is also the most powerful weapon in the game due to its rare Zod requirements. While there are many different weapon types in the game, the Breath of the Dying is frequently used with an Ethereal Berserker Axe for improved Damage per second.

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Ethereal breath of the dying ethereal credit


Use Zeal until the Elite and its surrounding minions are dead. Make sure to keep Fanaticism active at all times while using Zeal. If you have Teleport, use it while on your main weapon loadout to reposition your Mercenary to apply Decrepify from his The Reaper's Toll or Lawbringers to the mobs that you are striking with Zeal. You can also use Teleport in this way to quickly relocate to nearby Elites and their minions.

This ensures that your Mercenary procs Decrepify on the Boss as soon as possible and as much as possible. Use Smite for more consistent damage against Bosses, especially if you are lacking the Attack Rating to hit them consistently with Zeal. After about seconds, this Aura will remove these negative status effects.

For Act3 mercs the answer is easy, I would not recommend them for any build at all. Act5 mercs are able to survive tough situations, in some gearing options they can even help you clear Uber Tristram. As an example, by wearing Plague they can provide Cleansing aura, which is a huge survival boost for Hardcore characters. Mercenary Gearing Ethereal items are always preferred on mercs, as they do not lose durability.

Upgraded items also have more damage and defense. Helms: The most important stat for survivability on a helm is Life Steal. Body Armors: It should be able to defend against physical damage and elemental damage as-well, minimising the received damage from attacks. Stone runeword and Gloom runeword - These runewords are both optimal candidates due to their immense defence and allresist boost. Treachery runeword - It is a close 2 choice, and a budget option.

Fade is by far the most important property of the items, as it gives a huge boost to resistances, reduces physical damage, and curse duration as well. Fortitude in an ethereal elite high defense Body Armor is the best choice for any mercenary. It provides unmatched defensive abilities huge defense boost , good enough all-resistance, and a great deal of added physical damage.

I will try to cover all the best utility examples, but there surely are some other creative combinations which are not mentioned here: Act1 Merc Weapons Faith Bow: If extra attack speed gives the greatest damage boost to your build, it will be by far the best option for its fanaticism aura.

Note: Faith is a Ladder only runeword, and can only acquired by trading in nonladder! Insight Bow: If mana sustainability is an issue, an Insight bow on your Act1 merc will completely solve that. Note: Insight is a Ladder only runeword, and can only acquired by trading in nonladder! Brand Bow: If amplify damage boosts your damage output or farming speed the most, a Brand Bow will be your best merc weapon choice. Note: Brand is a Ladder only runeword, and can only acquired by trading in nonladder!

This bow is a great option when you simply wish for more physical damage. Note: Mist is a Ladder only runeword, and can only acquired in Ladder! It can make farming and movement in general much faster. Note: Harmony is a Ladder only runeword, and can only acquired by trading in nonladder! Act2 Merc Weapons If you are looking for a mercenary that deals a high amount of damage, there are multiple weapon choices at your disposal.

An Ethereal Bonehew, or Eth Obedience runeword are great budget choices. If you can afford more expensive weapon choices, Breath of the Dying runeword in ethereal ghost spear or war pike deals even more damage. Note: The Reaper's Toll is a Ladder only item, and can only acquired by trading in nonladder! Note: Phoenix is a Ladder only runeword, and can only acquired by trading in nonladder! Some A2 merc weapon options are cornerstone items for a variety of builds. All of these options are runeword, and ethereal giant thresher or thresher bases are the best base items to make them in.

The above mentioned runewords are the following: Insight - The runeword provides up to level17 meditation aura, which completely eliminates any mana recovery issue which is prevalent for many caster builds. It also deals a great deal of damage, and has a high attack rating bonus.

Pride does not deal a high amount of damage, its main utility is purely its aura. Note: Pride is a Ladder only runeword, and can only acquired by trading in nonladder!

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Crafting 14 Ethereal Breath Of The Dying Runeword Berserker Axe Diablo II Resurrected


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Diablo II Resurrected Rune Words - Breath Of The Dying (Vex Hel El Eld Zod Eth) ethereal breath of the dying

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