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Gambling/betting should be legalised in india


gambling/betting should be legalised in india

Two latest Supreme Court judgements- the Mahalakshmi lottery Case and Kerala Case were expected to provide clarity on the issue of the legality of online gaming. A "yes" vote supports this ballot initiative to (i) legalize sports betting at American Indian gaming casinos and licensed racetracks in California;. Despite betting on sports events like cricket matches is illegal in India, people tend to engage in betting on them and end up losing a lot of money. 2 PERIOD RSI INDICATOR FOREX

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Gambling/betting should be legalised in india ethereal dreams chill mix tracklist gambling/betting should be legalised in india


The answer is quite simple. The answer is to adopt a mid-way instead of a straight yes or no to the question. By legalising betting but also instituting agencies at different levels and establishing laws to regulate the activity of betting to an extent. Also, the Supreme Court was recently found considering legalising betting in sports event. Why betting should be legalised The reputation of the word betting is not what it should be. Here is a list of reasons explaining why legalising betting is going to be a good move- If betting becomes a legal activity, the government will be able to impose taxes on the activity.

The wealth so accumulated can be used for welfare of the poor and the needy The word gambling, when used has a derogatory tone attached to it. Generally, because of the ethics, morals and religions, we draw our judgments and decisions from. However, it does not have to be that way. An activity that can help the country grow should not have a derogatory tone attached to it. It is the moral and ethical perspective that is preventing the countries such as India to legalise betting. It is the people that fail to understand when to quit it and go home.

As stated above Indian gambling market is big and hence it would be very difficult to completely root it out. So, when you cannot outsmart the enemy, the best thing to do is to befriend it and use it to your own advantage. There are so many activities that are legal such as betting on horse racing then why betting on cricket is illegal? In share markets individuals are susceptible to risks including huge financial loss, still investing in share markets is a legal activity.

Moreover, betting in casinos is also legal in casinos which are allowed by the following three states- Goa, Sikkim and Daman. Is not this contradictory? Well, there are many more laws in India that will leave you in shock. Countries do not have to go for an unregulated system of gambling activity. LCR recommended that by regulating and taxing betting and gambling the revenue generated can be good source of revenue. Also, it will curb underworld control on illegal betting and gambling.

LCR also recommended that regulating of gambling and betting would enable the Government to effectively curb the menace off black-money generation through illegal gambling. LCR also said Parliament or State legislature if proceed in direction of regulating betting or gambling, then regulated gambling would ensure detection of fraud and money laundering, etc.

Parliament or state legislature may exercise its power given under article or LCR also recommended that Other skill-centric should be exempted from the prohibition. LCR also recommended that Gambling and betting should be offered only through India licensed operator from India possessing valid licenses granted by the game licensing authority. LCR also recommended that no pornographic content on websites advertising gambling. This would enable appropriate authority to keep a close eye on every single transaction so made.

LCR also recommended that there should be an encouragement of FDI in the gambling industry especially in the states decide to permit casinos, propelling the growth of the tourism an hospitality industries. Amendment in The Public Gambling Act, Most of the people in our country consider Gambling and betting as immoral. But legalisation would lead to involving large masses of people into it.

Gambling/betting should be legalised in india cairati investing

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