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Un food program ethereum


un food program ethereum

platforms after , in particular Ethereum, opened new paths for Programme (WFP) in collaboration with the United Nations International Computing. The UN World Food Programme has successfully tested the use of Ethereum blockchain for aid distribution. Read more. 10, refugees received food through the cutting-edge UN program. its trial to deliver food to Syrian refugees in Jordan using the Ethereum blockchain. 025 BTC TO EURO

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The ledger records transactions in a secure manner that cannot be changed. It allows any two parties to transact directly, and removes the need for third-party intermediaries such as banks. Refugees purchase food from local supermarkets in the camp by using a scan of their eye instead of cash, vouchers or e-cards.

The conflict in Syria has forced close to five million people to flee abroad in search of safety. In neighbouring Jordan alone, WFP provides much-needed assistance to more than half a million Syrians. The pilot aims to create a platform that the wider humanitarian community could use. The WFP solution is designed to scale. The WFP operates the chain itself, although it simulates a scenario where four parties are working together, for future expansion. As a result, the solution can be used by as many beneficiaries and merchants as Haddad can sign on.

One catch: None of the other UN agencies or aid organizations want to play ball so far, Haddad says, thanks to the internecine bureaucracy at the UN and the desire of managers to guard their own turf. Paul Currion, who co-founded Disberse , another blockchain-based aid delivery platform, lauds the speediness of the WFP effort.

Haddad, in the meantime, is building up internal support to expand the Building Blocks project.

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3/6 Blockchain at the World Food Programme @ TechNovation un food program ethereum

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