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Bigcommerce accept bitcoin


bigcommerce accept bitcoin

It would be best to be able to accept payments without any fees, just like what bitcoin is meant for. If you are able to just let us put our personal bitcoin. BigCommerce enables bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments for over 60, ecommerce merchants. · The company partnered with BitPay and CoinPayments. Highlighting the value of being able to accept cryptocurrency payments, Marc Ostryniec, chief sales officer at BigCommerce, said: “Expanding. ERTHYRIUM CRYPTO

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Thanks to the integration of the platforms of the latter two companies, BigCommerce will thus be able to accept BTC and other cryptocurrencies in just a few clicks. To pay in crypto, BitPay withholds a 0. One of the biggest competitors, Shopify, had also decided earlier this year to start accepting cryptocurrencies.

To name a few, BitPay already works with companies on the level of Vueling, Shop. Merchants embracing this new technology can remain relevant and maintain a cutting edge as the world of payments continues to shift to digital currency. Less Risk — Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin cannot be charged back. This means no hefty chargeback fees, Penalties, suspended accounts or fraudulent transactions to deal with. This is especially beneficial when selling Digital goods where most payment services offer little to no chargeback protection.

Larger Transactions — Market Research has shown that people with Cryptocurrencies are willing to spend more in exchange for the convenience of being able to spend their Cryptocurrencies Directly. Little Competition — With already over million Bitcoin Wallets created and a large number growing every day, it is clear that there is a lot of people with Cryptocurrencies that are looking to spend, and not a significant amount of Stores or People currently accepting Crypto as a payment method option.

What are the Benefits of using CryptocurrencyCheckout? No Middleman Fees — We never charge any transaction fees, monthly fees, or service fees. Stay Decentralized — Be in full control, use any wallet of your choosing. No third party will ever be in control of your coins, or charging you fees.

Smooth Checkout Process — We will provide your customers with a smooth checkout process that will let them choose any Cryptocurrency that you accept, provide them with real-time market price conversions so they know exactly how much they are sending you, as well as provide them with multiple sleek options to pay, such as One Click wallet payments for compatible wallets, QR Codes for Mobile Wallets, and even Copy and Paste options for direct from exchange transactions.

Now that we've discussed the benefits of accepting Cryptocurrency and using CryptocurrencyCheckout to do so. Let's look into how to integrate CryptocurrencyCheckout into Bigcommerce. Things we want to achieve in this integration: There are several ways to go about integrating CryptocurrencyCheckout into the Bigcommerce platform, during this process we want to make sure that all of our integrations meet a few requirements, and also discuss the hurdles we must overcome to achieve this.

We would also like to leave the ability for customers to be able to review their past orders, and maintain all order records on our Bigcommerce store itself. We want to be able to use our standard Shipping and Bookkeeping integrations for Bigcommerce, without needing any additional plugins or software to add CryptocurrencyCheckout to our store.

Bigcommerce accept bitcoin bitcoin blockchain security

Why Are Big Companies Accepting Bitcoin?

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