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Gemini and Mastercard are launching a credit card with crypto rewards. a cardholder can pick from, including bitcoin, ether or litecoin. Upgrade to Messari Pro to unlock this chart and other exclusive benefits. Try Pro For Free · Historical Data. Basic Info. The sum USD value sent to Gemini. Get Gemini Bitcoin Trade Price Index .GXBT:undefined) real-time stock quotes, news, price and financial information from CNBC. ROSE OF TRALEE 2022 BETTINGADVICE

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Issued by WebBank. Create price alerts to stay on top of the market, set recurring buys, build your crypto portfolio, and maximize your trading strategies. Linking your bank account is simple. Never miss a buying opportunity! With Gemini Earn, you can receive up to 8. Our crypto storage system and wallet have been built by industry-leading security experts. We require two-factor authentication 2FA for every account. We look forward to earning and maintaining your trust.

Every transfer made to Gemini from other exchanges required several days of holding before the transfer was allowed. I didn't know a withdrawal this instant was even possible in crypto. A five minute hold would have saved us from this catastrophic loss but, with Gemini, simply click a link in an email and then nothing can be reversed. This is known as "transaction finality. I beg to differ.

I would not have had the same outcome had I stayed with another exchange. I am quite confident of that. This is normal protocol for exchanges to confirm identity and we have had to do this in the past for other exchanges. Exchanges that actually made safety and double checking their priority to avoid irreparable issues.

Then two. Then three. Then four. My spouse and I were in disbelief that thieves can have access to our funds with absolutely no hold while we evidently had to hold weeks, if not months, if not years. Contacting their customer support for further assistance after July 20 was a complete joke and only resulted in a canned response that they're "working on the account".

In fact, the only way to even get the "canned response" was to open a new support case. If I followed up on the original support case, they just ignored me. I found it odd they wanted my assurance but gave the access anyways. It was returned and I was notified to contact Gemini Support as to why. Which I did. And no one responded. What a surprise. I contacted my bank OMG they have a phone number AND an online chat feature to have a conversation with a real live human being instantly- as instantaneous as my Bitcoin was transferred out of my Gemini account and they said it was not possible to receive an incoming wire the same as it was sent because it was wired from a master account.

I needed to either use the checking account or add wiring instructions. Since the original support message said I can withdraw only and said nothing about making a deposit which is required first in order to add a new bank account , I wanted to clarify.

No response. In their defense, there was an option to add another bank account but I wasn't sure if ultimately, they would allow it. Decent support would have covered this in the original support message, or at least responded to my inquiry when I opened a support case. Since support never clarified my question about adding a new bank, my only option was to wire money from my checking account to Gemini so that I could turn around and wire all of my money back to my checking account.

And incur more fees. I messaged support and demanded the fee be reversed. Did you guess it? If you guessed no response, you'd be correct. Apparently I have not suffered enough. One thing Gemini does well is kicking a dog while it's down. And not responding. Ok that's two things they do well. In other words, Gemini was negligent in providing me essential security by lacking the ability to identify suspicious account activity.

FBI- No response. FTC- No response. Referred me to CFPB. CFPB- Responded. Forwarded me Gemini's response to my complaint and closed the case. Said will forward to the FTC. It seems a bit misleading to US citizens. On August 30, Gemini support emailed to tell me how to best secure my account AND to tell me about their new security features.

Then, they signed off with "Onward and Upward". Where was this email on July 19? Keep kicking the dog. Ironically, the August 30 email was received 31 minutes before I received the email from the CFPB with Gemini's response to my complaint. Did not observe any indication of potentially fraudulent activity on the account 2. Handled my complaint in a manner consistent with their policies and procedures, User Agreement, and obligations to its customers 3.

Reinstated my ability to withdraw funds on August 22 4. Provided instructions to further secure my account using Authy 2FA on August This reply was within the 15 day time frame the CFPB gave me. Based on said time frame, I believe the only reason I was allowed access to sell and withdraw my remaining funds so quickly um, 5 weeks was because Gemini had a deadline to report back to the CFPB with how they were responding to me, which, until August 22 they weren't.

Otherwise, who knows when I would have gained access. Please learn from this experience. If you are hacked on the Gemini exchange the only thing you will get is treated badly. And don't expect the government to help. You're on your own and it doesn't feel good. But it's old. Bitcoin has been around for over a decade and this "wild west' mentality that an exchange doesn't owe a tad more than basic security to its customers is not ok- particularly from US exchanges.

I thought I was getting more. I trusted that the Winklevoss twins had the safest security combined with the best location. That even if my account was compromised, this couldn't happen. Boy was I wrong. One login. One second too late. As of the last email received from Gemini support on August 30, my case is "still under review". Whatever they're reviewing, if they are, will be of no benefit to me. Perhaps to someone else. My spouse and I were gullible and stupid.

Fair enough. I still stand my belief that Gemini is the worst crypto exchange. They neglected to have a mechanism in place to identify abnormal account activity and a verification period for such a large withdrawal to avoid an unscrupulous transaction finality. Why not pause 5 minutes? Why not 10? Why not an hour? Would that make a big difference to someone legitimately transferring Bitcoin if they had to wait a few additional minutes or hours? I don't think it would.

But it would have made a huge difference to me, and I'm probably not the only one. A customer can opt in for three but it should be mandatory there are two. Gemini owes it to its customers because hackers are trying to infiltrate its customers any way they can. If that's a turnoff then there should be a waiver that a customer understands transfers are immediate thus irreversible. I'm no programmer but isn't there some kind "if this, then that" code or algorithm that could be written to combat hackers?

Hackers will likely have a new location and move fast. IF there is a withdrawal particularly of everything THEN place withdrawal on hold for further verification. I could go on an on with multiple combinations and scenarios.

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