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How to use fan duel


how to use fan duel

Pick your players. Build your team, but don't overspend!. Watch. Watch your lineup(s) move up the leaderboard in real time as the game progresses. Win! Finish anywhere in the green zone to win! COTTON BOWL BETTING PREDICTIONS FOOTBALL

As this is being typed March Madness is fast upon us. Want more clarification on the terms before starting? The details of each event are clearly listed in each contest box. Contest — The name of the event. Prizes — What you stand to win, or a portion of. Time — The time the contest starts.

I see these listed as EST where I live. This may or may not change for you. Entries — How many people have entered this contest. These are not events in their own right, but offer tickets to other bigger contests.

When you enter a contest you have to pick the players who will be representing you that day. The way FanDuel works is by giving players a total amount of salary to spend on your roster — each player in the league having a different salary. The better the player is expected to perform on a given day, the higher salary they will command.

Your roster will then score points based upon what happens in the real life action that day. Players will score points depending on various achievements. The contest will finish when the final game of the day is over, and the leaderboard at this point will be the final one.

Once you select the type of contests you want to join, you will be led to another screen where you will review the individual contests that are up on FanDuel. Review the list of available contests, and select the ones that you want to participate in by tapping them. You can sort contests by name, by the number of entries, by the size of the contest, by the entry fee, or by the prize payout.

Once you select a contest, you can learn more about its specifics by tapping the small green "i" button on the upper right-hand side of the screen. This will show you more information about the participants, the specific games covered by the contest, the prizes to be won, and with the rules of the contest. Guaranteed contests will continue even when not enough entries join in to fill the contest.

By contrast, not guaranteed contests will be cancelled if the slots are not all filled by the time the games start. This means that you can place multiple entries into the contest, which is useful when you want to improve your chances of winning by entering multiple lineups. Select players to fill up the slots on your fantasy lineup by tapping the plus sign beside their names and portraits.

Each sport has its own rules and regulations covering how you shape your lineup, but a few general rules apply to all sports. First off, you need to hire players while staying under the indicated salary limit e. You can also check out a lot of useful information on a player by tapping his portrait.

How to use fan duel betting lines nba predictions how to use fan duel


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