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The cookies store information anonymously and assign a randomly generated number to identify unique visitors. Advertisement Advertisement. And it's going to be an exciting time for people to be driving different kind of automobiles. It's just going to happen. It's just a function of when. And our job is to speed up the "when" by research and development money.

President, on behalf of the city of Fond du Lac, I'm the president of the city council——. We are totally honored to have you here today, and you're welcome back anytime you want to come. I thought it was going to be the classic, like, where's the key? That's why I'm asking, you know? My question is, I'm a commercial lender for a bank in Oshkosh, and I see a lot of small-businesses' financials, and their biggest expense is the increase in insurance costs.

Do you have anything in mind to reduce the medical insurance and other insurance costs going forward? Yes, I do. I mean, for example, you heard me explain the association health care plans. Now, what that means is, is that a company like Joe's can pool his risk with other like companies that exist in other States.

You can't do that now. Like, if you're a restaurant owner here at Fond du Lac and you have 20 employees, you're now going to the marketplace and you've got to buy insurance for your 20 employees. And therefore, you're not able to pool risk. In other words, the more people you can—you insure, the better premiums you get because you're spreading risk.

And so we've got to let the restauranteur here or the Joes across the country pool risk. In other words, they can lump together as an association and then go to the insurance company and say, "Look, we've now got not 20 employees, insure a million employees.

You don't want that, believe me. Secondly, we've got what's called health savings accounts. These are all set up for small-business owners, by the way, to make a better deal for their employees. You put money in tax-free; you accumulate money in the account tax-free; you withdraw it tax-free—all to pay ongoing medical costs, ordinary medical costs and, as well, is you buy yourself a catastrophic plan.

So, in other words, on an annual basis, you're contributing tax-free or the company contributes for the employee, so the employee is the decisionmaker. It's in the employee's interest that they make wise decisions. In other words, you don't want to purchase too much health care.

In other words if you go to the doctor here, doctor there, doctor—into the office—so you start asking questions, "Do I really need this? And so the employee—the customer makes the decisions. The customer shops. And if you don't spend more than you put in, that's your money. You roll it over. So you've got catastrophic to take care of major medical expenses, and you've got tax incentives to encourage you to make the right decisions.

Two other things I want to talk about. One of the things we've done is we've expanded what's called community health centers all across the country. These are very—it's a wise use of taxpayers' money.

It's like primary care facilities for people who can't afford insurance. It takes people out of the emergency rooms and puts them into a primary care facility so they get the help they need. And the other thing is—that Tommy and I are working on is we're trying to modernize health care, which is going to save people a lot of money. This is now—still a system in which people carry paper files from one appointment to the next. Sometimes they literally don't carry them, but your files are on paper.

And it leads to medical error when things are handwritten, particularly if a doc has handwritten it. And yet, most businesses these days are able to put their files on the—use the Internet to be able to have better efficiency with their files and paperwork, better cost savings when it comes to recordkeeping.

And so what Tommy and I are working on is what they call electronic medical records. Everybody is going to have an electronic medical record that you'll be able to carry with you, that you'll be able to send to whoever you want to send. It will cost—it will reduce cost in the health care system, and it will reduce errors in the health care system. And it makes eminent sense for the health care industry to get into the 21st century.

It's stuck in the past. So there are some—there are ways right there, practical ways to work on the cost of health care so that health care is more affordable to the small-business owners in America. And we're making progress. There's a battle in Washington; I readily concede it. And the battle is, do the consumers and docs make the decision, or does the Government make the decision?

And it's a philosophical argument. And you know where I come down. I'm on the side of the consumers and the marketplace for best controlling the cost of health care. Okay, let me stop you right there. I'm the first guy to ask for your vote. All right, so this will be my first time being—Presidential voting.

And I was wondering, since everyone has the right to vote, do you think there should be something so that everybody has to vote, so then you get more of a majority? Yes, no, I appreciate that. I just don't think it's going to work, you know—compulsory voting. I wish everybody would vote. But it's a right—it's a right. It's like the right to worship the way you want to worship. It's a right. I just don't think compulsory voting would work. I'm not sure what the penalty is.

I mean, it's—so, therefore, the thing we've got to do—thanks for bringing this up because it gives me a chance to remind people about their solemn duty, in my judgment, to go to the polls. Of course, I want everybody to be for me. I know it's not going to be the case, but I'm still urging people to vote. I want there to be widespread voter participation.

It is—here we are working in Afghanistan, convincing the people of Afghanistan to go vote; we ought to be doing the same thing in our own country. So I—both candidates—I'm confident my opponent is doing the same thing, and it's the right thing to do. Part of traveling the country is to say, "Listen, you have a duty. Get your neighbors to go vote. Please, go vote. And so thanks for bringing that up.

But, no, I don't see how you can get compulsory voting because I'm not sure what the consequences. Thank you for bringing that up. I tell you, if I knew, I wouldn't tell you. He's on the run. He is, best guess, in the remote regions of Pakistan or Afghanistan, up there in kind of the—in the mountainous regions there, best guess.

I really don't know. I do know that the organization is—got the ability to kind of exist without his physical presence. In other words, there's command—there's commanders that are able to rise up even though we may capture a previous commander. Khalid Sheik Mohammed no longer is—somebody took his place. They tend to be decentralized at times.

This guy, Zarqawi, operating out of Iraq, we call him an affiliate of Al Qaida. We're not sure he has sworn allegiance to Al Qaida, but he gets instructions from Al Qaida. They deal with Al Qaida. We've intercepted an e-mail, as you might remember, of Zarqawi to Al Qaida types in remote parts of Pakistan—I think it's where the e-mail came from.

At any rate, it talked about how Zarqawi was to incite Shi'a-Sunni violence in Iraq so that a civil war would stop the advance of freedom. In other words, there was a dialog between the two. My point to you is, is that there are these kind of loosely affiliated cells along with direct chains of command that we're dealing with all over the world. And we've got a lot of intelligence cooperation. I mean, in order—this is a—I remember after September the 11th, this is a different kind of war.

I remember specifically telling the country that. Sometimes you'll see action; sometimes you won't see action. It's a different kind of a contest. It requires good intelligence. Let me talk about our intelligence right quick. Listen, I thought we would find stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction because the Agency thought we would. And we didn't. But what we have known and found is that Saddam Hussein had the capability of producing weapons. In other words, he had the capacity, and he was a sworn enemy.

And so the fundamental—listen, I'm— I know we did the right thing. We did the right thing for our security for the country. But the question the country must ask is, how do we make sure we have the best intelligence possible?

That will be the next important discussion in Washington, DC. And I welcome it. Look, I want great intelligence. I can't do my job, we can't find people hiding in remote caves unless we've got good intelligence. That means more human intelligence; it means better electronic intelligence.

We want to be able to listen to people better. It means to make sure there's better coordination inside Washington. And I'm convinced that out of the recent investigations will come a better system so that this President and future Presidents will be able to do as good a job as we possibly can for the American people.

Let me also remind you, however, that the CIA has had some great successes. Let me tell you one right quick, because I want the CIA agents who work for America to understand how much I appreciate their sacrifice and service and dedication. Khan was a citizen of Pakistan who was a prominent scientist. Khan went in the business of selling secret nuclear information, know-how, processing, to countries like Libya, Iran, and North Korea, and we caught him.

And we penetrated his network—we—these are brave citizens of the United States—penetrated his network and exposed it to the world. And one of the great proliferators of weapon of mass destruction technology is no longer a threat to the United States and the free world. We've got some really good people working hard for the American people. Senator Kennedy's minimum wage increase amendment that he's proposing is detrimental to small business.

As a family-owned small-business owner, labor costs is one of our most— it's our most detrimental cost. And as labor costs go up, we are forced to cut jobs, raise prices, and it's a domino effect. I want to know your opinion on the minimum wage. My opinion is, is that I think there is a reasonable level to which we can raise the minimum wage and, at the same time, make sure small businesses are not penalized.

No, I understand what you're saying. It's very important that we have a wage policy which does not price people out of jobs. And so I'm confident that if there is a minimum wage increase, it will, one, be reasonable, and two, will make sure small businesses aren't hurt. President, I'd like to thank you for making this country stronger and making me a better dad in helping to support my family as well. You know what: I can't make you a better dad.

That's up to you. Thanks for saying that, but it's really your job. I'm executive director of a faith-based organization, and we direct—try to redirect the lives of delinquent and at-risk youth from the inner city. And we get a lot of young men from Milwaukee. I want to thank you for your efforts and leadership on faith-based organizations, but particularly, we have a dear gentleman in this country, a comedian, Bill Cosby, who has really taken some leadership interest and throwing some different punchlines towards the community and the inner city and looking at the social culture of our cities.

And as a compassionate conservative, I'd like to get your views and your vision on how to work with the social culture and lead that inner city into a brighter future. Yes, I think that, first of all, I believe that families are a very important part of a stable future. And I believe that it's very important for Government to promote and stand on the side of families.

You know, we're having a debate in Washington, and it needs to be a very sensitive, thoughtful debate as to the nature of family. I have made my position clear. I believe that a traditional marriage—marriage between a man and woman—is an important part of stable families.

I, again, to repeat, I want this debate to be a thoughtful debate. It needs to be a sensitive debate. But I feel strongly about what I just said. Secondly, the Government must work to strengthen family. Part of our welfare reform law was to encourage families to stay together. We put money aside—Tommy worked on this; it's a very important part of the law—to encourage people to stay together.

Part of a stable society anywhere, whether it be in rural America or inner-city America, is for families to stay together. Secondly, education. You know, a lot of inner-city schools are schools that, for some reason or another, quit on kids. They just shuffle them through. Maybe people said, "They're too hard to educate, therefore, let's just move them through. We believe in your talents. We're going to measure to determine whether or not you've got the skills necessary to read and write and add and subtract.

And if you don't, we'll correct them early. I think that's going to help make inner city a much more hopeful place, just like it will make rural America a much more hopeful place. Thirdly, many of the kids that you talk about need love. And I think it's the role of Government to encourage loving institutions to be more likely to interface with those who need help.

What the—let me just tell you what it means. It means we're opening up Federal monies to grants to faith-based institutions. There was an argument in our country that said we couldn't do that, see. We couldn't do that. It would blur the line of church and state. Listen, I strongly believe in the separation of church and state.

The church shouldn't be the state, and the state shouldn't be the church. On the other hand, I do think it's important for people in positions like I'm in to say, "Does the program work? They need love in their lives. That's an objective. And therefore, we ought to ask how best to achieve the objective. And if it's a faith-based program that is better able to do that objective, I don't see anything wrong with making Federal monies accessible to that faith-based program. And it must be done—the program must be done without causing the program not to be able to practice its faith, see.

How can you be a faith-based program if the Government says you can't practice faith? You can't be. And one of the interesting challenges we have faced is that faith-based programs were fearful of interfacing with Federal bureaucracies because the bureaucracies say, "Well, you can't have the Star of David on the wall or the cross on the wall. You can't have that. So there are three practical steps there: strengthening families, better education, and then unleashing the great compassion to help people such as yourself save lives.

And it's working. Let me tell you something: The faith-based programs are beginning to take hold, and they're taking effect. We're getting more Federal money into the hands of the faith-based folks, what I call the social entrepreneurs, which are beginning to change people's lives in an incredibly positive way. And it's important to stay with the program because—as I can repeat; it sounds like a trite saying but it's not—the strength of the country is in the hearts and souls of the citizens.

There are a million kids whose mom and dad is in prison—a mom or dad is in prison. Those are kids who've got a future that may not look so bright to them. It can be brightened by love; I'm telling you. It can be brightened by a mentor. It can be brightened by somebody who comes in their life and say, "I love you, brother.

What can I do to help you? How can I help you realize a better tomorrow? And my job is to rally the people of the country and, at first, to understand the proper relationship between the Federal Government and the strength—you know, you hear people say, "Oh, the great strength of the country is our Government. I don't believe that. I think Government is an indispensable part of our country, but the great strength is the people's hearts.

And as your President, I will continue to call upon people to serve their country by loving their neighbor. That's one of my most important jobs. Yes, buddy, last question. We've got to go up the road. A couple of questions. Fire away. Go ahead. Well, maybe they don't want you to ask the question. Very good. He wants to know about education funding. I think that's what it was, right? Well, the best way to send money to the people is to let them keep their own money in the first place.

We've increased Federal spending for elementary and secondary schools by over 40 percent since , which is a hefty increase. In other words, we're doing our duty. What's changed is we've said now, "Show us whether or not the money is actually working. Now we're asking that question, "Can a child read, and if not, why? In terms of Pell grants and education grants that help people, deserving people, go to college, we've increased that spending as well.

We're doing our job. But I want to remind you when it comes to public education, the primary funder of public schools are the States and local jurisdictions. That's the way it has been in the past, and in my judgment, that's the way it ought to be. But it is the primary responsibility of your State government to make education the number one priority.

The primary responsibility of the State is to make sure that the public school system runs well. And the primary obligation of the State is to fund the schools so they go well. And the Federal Government provides a complementary role. That's the way it is now, and that's the way it is, so long as I'm going to be the President.

President, I'd like to welcome you to Wisconsin as well. And as an older mother of many children, we've tried to— we've had a number of kids that were interested in going into politics that were really turned off for a few years, but because of gentlemen like Tommy Thompson and yourself, we now have a son in politics, and we're very proud and also working for your benefit.

Also, I heard you say that you'd like to return to Wisconsin. We have a great city about 40 miles from here, on the shores of Lake Michigan—Sheboygan— and we'd welcome you there with open arms. Let me talk about service. Thanks for bringing it up. There's obviously a proud mom, and that's neat that one of her children has chosen to go into public service.

I encourage people to run and to go into public service. But I recognize not everybody is suited for it, and some people just aren't interested. But there's all kinds of ways to serve. It's just not—you don't have to be a candidate to serve. You can serve by loving your neighbor. You can serve by mentoring a child. You can serve your community by just walking across the street to a shut-in's home and saying, "What can I do to make your day better? I'm proud of your son for running. I think it's great.

It's very important for people to step up and put their hat in the ring and get out there and mix it up. It's an exciting life. I mean, it's a—you've got to have a Type A personality, I recognize, but—[ laughter ]. I enjoy it. I enjoy being with people. I love the people of this country, and I love being with you today. George W. Skip to main content. The American Presidency Project. Toggle navigation. July 14, Consider, capital. Install, set an overhang off the. No longer now want my computers time zone.

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The documentation priority than on the. According to the web site, the Forex Signal Factory service is completely free, and being utilized by over 45, traders. The developers claim that they are annoyed by other services that claim to provide free Forex signals, but then force traders to open accounts with Forex brokers that they are obviously associated with.

In regards to the signal strategy, there is really no information explaining how the signal providers analyze and approach the markets. This is generally the part of the review where I would discuss the Signal Factory pricing structure, but I must mention again, that this is a free signal service. It seems like the best way to access the Forex signals, is to sign up with a Twitter account, and then follow along with their tweets. They seem to be posting signals very frequently, with anywhere between 10 to 20 signals per day.

Each signal comes with the entry price, the time of the trading GMT, as well as the recommended stoploss and take profit levels. Indicates that this is too much work, you could always just started using the free trading signals on a demo account, and then analyze these results. That is likely the best course of action, because going through thousands of trade signals and back checking them with old market prices would be extremely tedious. It appears in , there are a handful of different services claiming the name Forex Signal Factory.

Given that all of these services are all using the same name, I will continue to use this single review to discuss all of them. The most recent signal service using this name is a telegram group with an impressive 34, subscribers. Traders can pay EUR for access to their premium membership plan. This is for a lifetime membership that does not expire. This group also offers account management, where they will manage accounts on a sharing basis.

They will only manage accounts with a minimum starting capital of 10K USD. There is no information provided about who the analysts are, which is something I would certainly recommend finding out before you sign up. In order to see their trade results, you can go to the telegram and analyze them one at a time. They are providing the community with free Forex signals, and asking for absolutely nothing in return.

If you have anything you would like to add to this review, please leave your comments and questions below the article now. It got as far as I hade to pay the money Christopher FX demanded to have an outside shot at getting my money back. It stsarted with me buying their VIP services, which was a waste of money as the same signals was sent to their free channel. Yesterday he contacted me and said I hade to deposit more money, for the account to be activated again whereas I told him that I expect them to start trading my account again as I paid evey fee he wants for Hi Matt, really sorry to hear that this happened to you.

This is the classic scam technique. They claim to have made a bunch of money, and then need you to pay in order for them to release it. Thanks for sharing your story. Hi Matt, I do not have a list of recommendations. I have only a rankings list, but understand the Forex Signal Factory ranked at 4 on that list is the free twitter signals provider.

They just happen to go by the same name. Also they are only signal provider. Signals from over 50 sources. Hi Archie, thanks for the update. You can see our review of FX Premiere here with client comments too. I pointed out that there had been no transparency about any additional costs. I was thinking of starting with too, he said paypal should be fine too? Based on the comments Del, you seem to be part of the majority. Another clown in the city… Drawdowns of pips to make 20 pips profits!!!

A big big scam!!! Do the math for yourself — all the calls are on their twitter page. Now you know.

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