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Betting pontianak timurid


betting pontianak timurid

Tojiks are Timurid Muslims mostly and follow Leninbadi thought. Tey have very low opinion of salafis, who Pakistan enshrines. They fought a civil wsr with. +Pontianak +Pooh/M +Poole/M +Poona +Pope +Popeye/M +Popocatepetl +Popper/M +Poppins/M +Popsicle +Porfirio/M +Porrima/M +Porsche/M +Port/R +Portia/M. History of Asia. 1. Periodicals. Societies. Serials. Congresses. 2. Sources and documents. Collected works (nonserial). 3.A2. Several authors. FOREX TRAINING COURSES IN MUMBAI

A decent number of proper names is also included: The top male, female, and Last names from the Census report; a list of names sent to me by Alan Beale; and a few names that I added myself. Finally a small list of abbreviations not commonly found in other word lists is included. All of which is in the Public Domain. The 55 level includes words from Alan's 2of4brif list found in version 4. Like his other stuff the 2of4brif is also in the public domain.

A large number of names are also included: The 4, -female names and the 3, male names from the MWords package. The common dictionary words, like those from the 12Dicts package, have had all likely inflections added. The 70 level also included the 5desk list from version 4. There's even an article on a New Hampshire locality with a population of 0.

As for RS, if the area exists then there's bound to be a reliable source. The issue is people haven't or cannot present them. The issue is not deletion of articles with dubious content, rather removing the dubious content from articles. THe question of utility is indeed irrelevant - it is notability.

However, i only raised it as you said there was not enough english-based information around to warrant an article - my point being, a stub is fine. Lack of English source is certainly not a criteria for deletion. It is a subdistrict kecamatan but its kelurahan are listed satisfying the Google search criteria mentioned by Merbabu , as are sites of interest within the kecamatan with links to articles.

Is this the best way to include all the information without cluttering up Wikipedia with stubs? I simply see no purpose in keeping the red links or any stubs at all of villages anywhere in Indonesia if they are already listed in a higher level article - unless they have some big notability thing and - english sources as to that Satu Suro , 28 January UTC Reply [ reply ] I agree red links should be wiped out.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I just rewrote an article related to Indonesia that wasn't categorized for this project. The page was and still is up for deletion. I've placed a category marker on it. If anyone with more expertise in the area wants to run with it, go for it! SMSpivey talk , 29 January UTC Reply [ reply ] July Java earthquake under GA review Hello there, the article July Java earthquake which falls under the auspices of this Wikiproject, has come under review as part of GA Sweeps and a number of problems have been identified and listed on the talk page.

If these problems have not begun to be addressed by seven days from this notice, the article will be delisted from GA and will have to go through the WP:GAN process all over again to regain its status once improvements have been made. If you have any questions, please drop me a line. If anyone would be interested in translating to English, that would be great! HOwever, this article appears to be a rare exception - referencing doesn't appear to be too bad at all. If not, I may have a stab at it.

Milestones could include the number of FAs , GAs or articles covered by the project. No work need be done by the project themselves; they just need to provide some details when they sign up. A bot will do all of the hard work. I thought this WikiProject might be interested. Ping me with any specific queries or leave them on the page linked to above. Please join the discussion on whether this article meets featured article criteria. Articles are typically reviewed for two weeks.

If substantial concerns are not addressed during the review period, the article will be moved to the Featured Article Removal Candidates list for a further period, where editors may declare "Keep" or "Remove" the article's featured status.

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Timur emulated Genghis Khan but did not rule so vast a territory. And he claimed descent from Genghis Khan, but that claim was a false. Timur got his European name Tamurlane or Timur the Lame from when he was in a battle in which his leg was injured. Timur was born in He served the Jagataid khan Tughluq Timur well and rose to prominence. By age 34 he had conquered Transoxiana. By age 48 he had conquered Iran, Mesopotamia, Georgia and Armenia. He took on the Golden Horde in and weakened it.

A slaughter in Delhi Tamerlane invaded India in , captured Delhi and slaughtered residents of the city. He went on in to take Syria from the Mamelukes. The next year he subjugated the Ottoman Sultan Bayazid I. A painting of the mids by a great artist of the Timurid Renaissance, Kamal-ud-din Bihzad, showing the construction of the fort of Kharnaq Public Domain That was his last conquest.

Tamur Lang, as he was known to his people, died on February 18, , in Kazakhstan, while leading a campaign against China. Timurid empire rule was limited to the western part of the greater, overall Mongol empire. Yet their simple control of the world at that time, particularly in the 13th—15th centuries, reflected itself in the idealised appearance of Persians as Mongols.

Though the ethnic make-up gradually blended into the Iranian and Mesopotamian local populations, the Mongol stylism continued well after and crossed into Asia Minor and even North Africa. Timurid architecture[ edit ] Timurid architecture drew on and developed many Seljuq traditions. Turquoise and blue tiles forming intricate linear and geometric patterns decorated the facades of buildings.

Sometimes the interior was decorated similarly, with painting and stucco relief further enriching the effect. Spectacular and stately edifices erected by Timur and his successors in Samarkand and Herat helped to disseminate the influence of the Ilkhanid school of art in India, thus giving rise to the celebrated Mughal or Mongol school of architecture. Timurid architecture started with the sanctuary of Ahmed Yasawi in present-day Kazakhstan and culminated in Timur's mausoleum Gur-e Amir in Samarkand.

Timur's Gur-I Mir, the 14th-century mausoleum of the conqueror is covered with "turquoise Persian tiles". The mausoleum of Timurid princes, with their turquoise and blue-tiled domes remain among the most refined and exquisite Persian architecture. Double domes of various shapes abound, and the outsides are perfused with brilliant colors. Timur's dominance of the region strengthened the influence of his capital and Persian architecture upon India.

The architecture is a fine example of the Timurid era in Persia. They were unable to fully subjugate many other nomadic tribes. This was not because of lack of military power as Timur succeeded in defeating them, but rather that he was unwilling to integrate autonomous tribes into his power structure due to his centralised governance. The tribes were too mobile to effectively suppress and the loss of their autonomy was unattractive to them.

Hence, Timur was unable to win the loyalty of the tribes and his hold over them did not survive his death. The nambardar were used to bolster the size of the army for large expeditions.

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