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Ttm investing acronyms


ttm investing acronyms

What is the abbreviation for Trailing Twelve Months? What does TTM stand for? TTM abbreviation stands for Trailing Twelve Months. Dividend yield TTM refers to the Trailing Twelve (12) Months' dividend yield of a company. Dividend TTM is useful for investors to track the. TTM is a financial term that stands for trailing twelve months. It represents a company's financial numbers in the past 12 consecutive months. FOREX SUPERSTOPS INDICATOR

TTM data is often used in things like balance sheets , income statements and cash flow charts. It is especially handy because it can provide more recent data tied to a certain point in time. This does not have to correspond to the end of a quarter or a fiscal year while remaining annualized, accounting for seasonality or short-term abnormalities in things like supply, demand and operating costs.

Why Use TTM These evaluations can include calculating key performance indicators such as net profit margin or liquidity. They can also be used to look at year-over-year trends such as revenue growth. TTM Revenue, for example, indicates the amount of revenue that a company has earned over the trailing twelve months. This is a key indicator which can determine whether a company is experiencing growth, and if so, where that growth is coming from.

Thus, some analysts often overlook this metric in order to focus more on profitability. How to Calculate TTM The easiest way to calculate data from the trailing 12 months is to add by the previous four quarters , the three-month periods into which the fiscal year is broken up.

Start with the most recent quarter—for instance, to make a TTM calculation in July , one would begin with Q2, which ended in June Then, simply go back and add on the three preceding quarters. Earnings per Share , or EPS, is valued by analysts as a key indicator of the overall profitability of a company. It is calculated by dividing the net income of a company by its available shares. The last 12 consecutive months provide investors with a compromise that is both current and seasonally adjusted.

By consistently evaluating trailing month numbers, company financials can be evaluated both internally and externally regardless of when the fiscal year-end is. TTM allows for a like comparison of a company's performance trajectory that smooths away inconsistencies. The methodology for calculating TTM data may differ from one financial statement to the next. In the equity research space, some analysts report earnings quarterly, while others do so annually.

But investors who seek daily information about stock prices and other current data may look to TTMs as more relevant measures, because they're more current and are seasonally adjusted. TTM figures can also be used to calculate financial ratios.

Much of fundamental analysis involves comparing a measurement against a like measurement from a prior term, to decipher how much growth was realized. Line items on the cash flow statement e. For example, working capital is compiled from balance sheet line items, which are averaged. However, depreciation is deducted from income on a quarterly basis; so analysts look at the last four quarters as reported on the income statement. This data is instrumental in determining whether or not a company has experienced meaningful top-line growth, and can pinpoint precisely where that growth is coming from.

The formula for TTM revenue is simply to add up the previous four quarters of revenues to date. So, if XYZ Corp. TTM Yield Used to analyze mutual fund or exchange-traded fund ETF performance, TTM yield refers to the percentage of income a portfolio has returned to investors over the last 12 months.

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