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Can you mine ethereum classic


can you mine ethereum classic

As Ethereum miners move to Classic, the hash rate has jumped more than % in only two months. This is even with a small percentage of Ethereum miners moving. GPU mining rigs can also be used. If you're looking to set up a GPU mining rig, you can certainly end up spending over $1, or more, depending on the model of GPU you decide to use. Some cryptocurrencies allow solo mining, but a better way to mine is through mining pools. Nonetheless, this guide teaches you about Ethereum Classic mining and. CRYPTO EXCHANGE SUPPORT CREDIT CARD

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Can you mine ethereum classic electo twitter best tech crypto


You can download lolMiner on GitHub. For Windows, you should choose the zip file. For Linux, it is the tar. You must then extract the file. You need to choose the right script file for mining with Cruxpool. It is a batch file —. Warning: If you have saved a new text file on -.

Edit the mining file and fill it with your crypto wallet address, the name of your worker and the Cruxpool mining URL. Your command line should look something like this, but with a wallet address and a worker name: If you want to go faster, we invite you to use our Cruxpool command line generator and copy and paste the generated command line.

Save as your bash file or your batch file. Finally, run your mining program as an administrator. By clicking on your file, your mining starts. Alternatively, you can specify a Cruxpool username instead of a crypto wallet. You can launch it. That is it, our guide to ethereum classic is finished. There are many kinds of GPU and ASIC out there today, so let's discuss four of the top models out there today so that you know what to look for.

Though this isn't the fastest GPU on the market today, its power efficiency gives it the edge over many other models. If you're willing to spend a fair amount on your hardware, you can create a super powerful mining rig using multiple RTX Ti cards.

While Nvidia GPUs often take the cake for crypto mining, it's worth noting other brands in the market that retail at a lower price. Though these figures aren't top-tier, a few of these GPUs together in a rig could make for a profitable operation without forking out thousands.

But don't forget that ASICs are very energy-intensive. In fact, the S19 Pro has a power consumption of W, which will certainly hike up your electricity bill. Software Software is another vital element of crypto mining. Different crypto mining programs have different pros and cons, and not all programs are suited to all coins.

So, let's take a look at the two best mining programs for Ethereum Classic. GMiner GMiner is a well-known crypto mining program with over , daily users. GMiner is designed for a range of different coins, including Ethereum Classic. GMiner provides users with various overclocking statistics, as well as temperature control to prevent hardware from overheating. However, the software itself is totally free to download and is suitable for both Linux and Windows operating systems.

NBMiner supports a range of different cryptocurrencies, as well as various mining algorithms. The program also provides users with a secure SSL connection to mining pools. It's also a command line program, which can be trickier to navigate if you're a bit of a tech novice. Wallet Before you start mining any cryptocurrency, you'll need a wallet to which your profits can be moved.

Of course, your wallet will need to be compatible with Ethereum Classic in this case, so make sure your prospective wallet provides ETC support before downloading. There are a number of different ETC-compatible wallets out there today, both virtual and physical or hot and cold. If you prefer software wallets, consider one of the more reputable providers out there today, such as Trust Wallet, Exodus, or Atomic Wallet.

Given that software wallets can be remotely hacked, you want to make sure that the provider you choose offers various security features so that you can keep your funds safe. In terms of hardware wallets, both Ledger and Trezor wallets can store Ethereum Classic and are a safer option overall, as they keep your funds protected in cold storage, preventing remote attacks. Though crypto mining has its downsides, it can certainly provide you with a steady stream of secondary income without having to do too much yourself.

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How To Mine Ethereum Classic 2022 + Profitablility

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can you mine ethereum classic

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