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Ozforex safety not guaranteed


ozforex safety not guaranteed

Unfortunately, the transmission of information over the Internet or the telephone is never % secure and no data storage system can be guaranteed safe. OFX is a safe and established provider of currency services and international payments. If you're looking for a personal service and would prefer to talk to a. The Facility Agreement was secured by a General Security Deed (IFG account to an offshore bank account held by OzForex Ltd (OzForex). FRASER PLACE MAKATI LOBBY ELIZABETH

Some jurisdictions require us to obtain your consent. Where you refuse to provide consent, we may be unable to provide services to you. Log Data When you access our Online Channels, we collect server logs, which may include information such as IP address, access times and dates, pages viewed and other system activity, including the third-party site you were using before and after accessing our services.

Device Information We may obtain information about the devices you use to access our Online Channels including: the device type, operating systems and versions, the device manufacturer and model, preferred languages, and plugins. Usage and Preference Information We collect information about how you interact with the Online Channels and how you use our Online Channels, including your user preferences and other settings selected by you.

In some cases we do this by using cookies and other tracking technologies. Geolocation Information When you use certain features of our Online Channels, we may collect information about your precise or approximate location as determined by data such as your IP address or mobile device GPS.

Most mobile devices allow you to control or disable the use of geolocation services for applications by changing preferences on your mobile device. This data is used for industry and market analysis, demographic profiling, marketing and advertising, and other business purposes.

Other Information We may collect any other Personal Information you may provide to us when you update your account information, respond to surveys, post to community forums, participate in contests or promotions, or use any other feature of our Online Channels or services.

How We Collect Information We collect information about you in a variety of different ways, including the following: Information You Provide We collect Personal Information and other information from you when you complete an application or form, register for an OFX user account, submit to our verification procedures, apply for additional account features or services, conduct transactions, respond to our emails, messages or surveys, communicate with us including by telephone, email and online, provide feedback, participate in promotions or contests, provide referrals, or upload content.

We make and store recordings of our telephone communications with you. OFX will collect your Personal Information from you unless it is unreasonable or impracticable to do so, or is authorised by applicable laws. Information from Your Use of services When you use our services, we collect Personal Information and other information about you and the devices you use to access the Online Channels. If you connect your social media account to your OFX account, you will share certain Personal Information from your social media account with us, for example, your name, email address, photo, list of social media contacts, and any other information that may be or you make accessible to us when you connect your social media account to your OFX account.

For corporate clients, we may collect Personal Information about the Beneficial Owners of the business from any person that has represented to us that they have authority to act on behalf of the business entity and provide that information. How We Use Your Information We use Personal Information we collect from or about you including credit information for several purposes, including: To provide or improve our services To process payments or money transfers.

To provide customer support. To evaluate your application to use our services. To develop new products or enhance existing products and services. To monitor and analyse trends, usage, preferences and other user activities on our Online Channels to optimise user experience and to enhance the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns. For quality control and staff training. To ensure safety and security To verify your identity or authenticate your right to access an account or other information.

To conduct manual or automated monitoring to protect against fraud, money laundering and other crimes and harmful activities. To comply with legal obligations To comply with laws, regulations, codes of conduct, stock exchange rules, binding determinations or to respond to legal process or government authorities.

To address disputes or resolve claims related to use of our services. To enforce our terms and conditions and collect fees To communicate with you To respond to your inquiries and support requests. To send you technical notices, updates, security alerts and other administrative messages. To provide information related to your transactions, including confirmations, receipts, and tracking notices.

To market and advertise our services To deliver promotional offers, incentives, and targeted or personalised marketing in a variety of ways including via email, SMS, push messages, telephone, social media or online. To provide invitations and information about events held by us or our partners.

To facilitate promotional contests or sweepstakes. For analytics and insights with any Personal Information that we collect or obtain about you, including combining your Personal Information with other personal information and data to use in advertising and marketing that may influence your behaviour or decisions or provide insights and measurement to us in relation to any advertising initiatives that we may run.

You can opt-out of receiving marketing at any time through the unsubscribe function available in each marketing communication we send. Alternatively you can update your preferences by logging in to your OFX account on the Website or contact us at customer. Other purposes Any other purpose disclosed at the time of collection. Information Sharing and Disclosure We will never sell your Personal Information to marketers or other third parties. Our Service Providers We engage a variety of service providers to enable us to provide our services to you.

For example, service providers may be used to support technology or infrastructure, analytics and insights generation, collect debts, determine who we should market and advertise to, distribute marketing materials, conduct market research, perform audits, provide professional advice or other functions. Payment Processors To payment processing service providers, intermediary banks and financial institutions to process your transactions.

In some cases Verification Agencies may need to access third party databases including without limitation databases of government issuers of identification documents. You provide your authority for Verification Agencies to act as your agent in accessing these databases. Verification Agencies may disclose to third parties any information provided to them for identity verification purposes.

Our Partners, Business Associates or Contractors To any of our partners, business associates, or contractors or your agents that you have authorised to have access to your OFX account or your Personal Information in connection with the provision of our services. If you are an online seller receiving funds from a marketplace, we may be required to share your Personal Information and OFX account information with the marketplace to assist with minimising fraudulent and illegal activity or as required by applicable laws.

Other Authorised Third Parties If you provide your consent, we may share your information including your Personal Information with other authorised third parties. Such disclosure will only be carried out in the manner described to you at the time you agreed to the sharing. Authorising a third-party application or website to access your OFX account or participating in certain promotional activities constitutes such consent to share your information. Government Authorities If we believe it is necessary or appropriate, we may share your Personal Information with law enforcement officials, government authorities, regulatory bodies or other third parties, including for purposes of: i enforcing our Customer Agreement or other applicable agreements or policies; ii protecting our rights, property, privacy, or security, or that of others; or iii complying with applicable law, legal process, or government orders.

Third-Party Acquirers If we are the subject of or are involved in any corporate merger, acquisition, consolidation, reorganisation, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or other disposition of all or any portion of our business or assets including in connection with bankruptcy or similar proceedings , we may disclose or transfer data, including Personal Information, with third parties in connection with such events.

International Transfers We collect information globally and may transfer, process and store your information outside of your country of residence, to wherever we, our third party service providers or any recipients referred to in section 5. Whenever we transfer your information, we take steps to protect it. How long we keep Information We need to keep your Personal Information so that we can provide our services to you.

We also need to keep it for longer for legitimate business purposes such as transactional information for our accounting purposes and for other legal and regulatory reasons. Subject to this, we will destroy, erase, or anonymise your Personal Information when it is no longer needed. Log in or register to post comments Up by iconoclast 19th Jun 13, am Stephen L You say: I'm certainly an advocate of NZ pushing to maintain its market share of real consumption, for which it will need to maintain its share of prodcutive ability, and its ownership of the capital things that will be important in delivering that production, as in the end our consumption will have to closely correlate with our production Consume.

Interesting words in isolation. One is a precursor to the other. Apply this in a visceral and blatant local context. It has a defined exhaustion date. See below. Tiwai Aluminium smelter produces an intermediate product which is a proxy for exporting electricity. It seems to have and end date. That production appears to be about to shift from export production to domestic consumption. So answer me this.. Can you refute the following? Over the past 10 days 2 comments have been posted by some-one else drawing to your attention that NZ consumes barrels of oil per day.

That's 13 barrels of oil per person per year for every one of 4. Man, woman, and child. The problem is those fields producing the local bpd will be exhausted within the next 10 years. Thats crude oil, not the processed refined cost. Do they get preference for personally unwinding the damaging current account deficit?. Capital maybe under valued compared to resources - but you can turn to barter if you so wish and remove youself from the workforce- as you probably consume more than you add to the nation's welfare.

Lets get down to iconoclast's basics - which cohort is going to be called upon to sacrifice a family member or more if we wish to bring this discussion to it's logical conclusion? Log in or register to post comments Up 0 by powerdownkiwi 19th Jun 13, am Sh - what about them? If they turn that into something that makes them resilient to what has to be 'close and coming', they're on a winner.

If they leave it in the bank, invest it, or use it to extend more debt, they're on a loser. Capital is obviously in trouble in two ways: Nicole Foss rightly points out that, all things being equal, the exponental ramp in credit-based trading of existing stuff, is a ponzi. Alone, that would suggest a ponzi-bust down to early '70''s values of things like houses. Good luck watching the global financial system cope with that!

But ultimate scarcity the debate about that was probably the reason she the Automatic Earth now and The Oil Drum parted ways. Ultimate scarcity says that you bid for the necessities, the poorest drop out and die. That has to give rise to inflation. Which predominates, in light of the change and during it, is more your expertise than mine. I wouldn't be wanting to be in debt, or trading in a non-essential.

I see my actions as using fossil fuels while they are around, to get into a position where I can cope when they are not. Totally valid to scale that, totally stupic to create ever-bigget FF-requirinf infrastructure. Log in or register to post comments Up by Stephen Hulme 19th Jun 13, am I wouldn't be wanting to be in debt, or trading in a non-essential.

Log in or register to post comments Up 0 by powerdownkiwi 19th Jun 13, pm Stephen Hulme - I anticipated you'd run away, go lightweight at some point. It's not the first time. Why is that, do you think? If you want to make a real contribution, think through the following: The objective must be to see NZ we can't realistically influence others, more than we did by leading by example in the past through what must happen in the next decade or two.

So Labour has to morph - do what Lloyd Geering did to relifgion back in the 60's. Anyone wanting to make a difference, could do a whole lot worse than initiating that morph. I'd start with getting Hodgson to run a workshop - he gets it. Log in or register to post comments Up by Stephen Hulme 19th Jun 13, pm Stop waffling - outline your final solution so I can make preparations in defence. Log in or register to post comments Up by powerdownkiwi 19th Jun 13, pm You can't have been listening.

Even if it's not 'cost effective' now, a point often missed. If you've space, grow there, if not make arrangements. Water likewise. Energy likewise. Choose how many peope you can support in you particular ark. That's up to you, re your social conscience, and the resources you have available. Then, when you've done all that, do what I do - urge others to get resilient too. It's not an uncommon approach. Log in or register to post comments Up 0 by Stephen Hulme 19th Jun 13, pm None of the above constitute a final solution - just cosmetic adaptations to defer the inevitable apocalypse you keep reminding us of.

State a more lasting solution or please stop trying to frighten us. Log in or register to post comments Up 0 by powerdownkiwi 19th Jun 13, pm Stephen Hulme - there are macro solutions, and personal ones. I gave you the personal ones requested. You used the fact that they didn't address the macro, as an excuse to run away.

Log in or register to post comments Up 0 by Stephen Hulme 19th Jun 13, pm No need to address my concerns, your personal preferences are your own - some find too much information offensive and as you note the majority of citizens are indifferent to your private views - surely their actions, that you rail against, constitutes irrefutable evidence. Log in or register to post comments Up 0 by Kate 19th Jun 13, pm Surely the most important personal issue folks need to think about at an individual level is aging.

Harsh as it may seem - those who don't make it to retirement save alot of resources. Log in or register to post comments Up 0 by steven 19th Jun 13, am That is a very good Q, money isnt a resource, its an IOU, and hence worthless. In terms of ppl coming in with wealth, i commented on that and I said then my worry would be lots of multi-millionaires arriving here buying their way in ie welcomed by our useless pollies.

What we are contemplating here is in the limits to growth and it being re-visited and re-validated. The post below and indeed BH's post some weeks ago lays out that within 50 years we are at peak everything or importance pretty much. However the kicker is we are 6 years past peak oil and on an output plateau So just how are we choosing to do that reduction right now?

Rather than fertility control, ie chose to have less new family members.

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