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david bettinger idirect

Get David Bettinger's email address (d******@bitcoinkopen.xyz) and phone number () at RocketReach. Get 5 free searches. Executive Spotlight: David Bettinger. Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Engineering, iDirect. Mr. Bettinger joined iDirect as the. Combination of NovelSat's NS3™ Technology and iDirect's Platform to help network operators grow their business,” said Dave Bettinger. SPREAD BETTING POINT DEFINITION IN GEOMETRY

I just came from OneWeb and I know very specifically what they need — they need a very low latency, always-on connectivity. We think the real value is customers that have critical data. The number of satellites out is in the thousands. But we certainly see potential revenues in the multiple billions. We will effectively be the first ones. There are a couple of choices today, customers can continue to be serviced by ground station providers or on their own.

Bettinger: Before I joined, there were about 15 consultants and contractors for EOS working on the program since [about] The idea was to acquire the Audacy spectrum rights. As they worked through the process, they came up with the initial system architecture, which was very well-defined when I joined. We have almost all of that team hired on for SpaceLink so far.

We have people already working on business development and we have a pipeline of over potential customers. Bettinger: Audacy had a great idea, but they were challenged financially. As part of the due diligence process, we contacted every customer they had listed, they had MOUs that were quite impressive.

This changes the architecture of not only the satellite, but also the gateway locations, and the networking between those gateway locations. The whole economics of space have changed. There was kind of a lull in excitement for me over the summer. With the bankruptcy challenges, it had me considering other options.

It had the technical challenge for me. And, it was an opportunity for me to further my career. This will be my first opportunity to be at the helm of a company that I can help create and help drive in the direction that I see fit.

Do you think that was a smart play on the part of the U. But I can say that it does make sense to me. Sunil Bharti Mittal was already an investor, he had the vision from the beginning. And he continued to support us through this whole period. He has a lot of global networks with his telecom business where he needs this type of connectivity, so it made perfect sense.

As far as the U. But once I started interacting with the government folks and realized some of the interest they had, it made perfect sense to me. We realize the investment that many have already made in their technology infrastructure, so we work to develop solutions, such as our universal hub, that allows these customers to capitalize on their existing investment in iDirect. SM With forecasts pointing toward greater adoption of VSAT broadband across maritime in the coming years, which segments of the market—and what factors—will be among the major drivers for this growth?

David Bettinger We already seen high-end segments like cruise, offshore oil and gas and super yachts lead the adoption of VSAT in maritime. We see these segments furthering their investment in VSAT in the coming years. Commercial shipping is a great example. Of the 60, vessels operating in this segment, a small percentage has made the switch to VSAT. Those that have are looking for the connection to improve crew welfare as well as to deploy applications that help improve productivity and operational performance of the ships.

VSAT networks can be used for electronic charting and weather applications, remote IT services, and electronic port and customs documentation. At the same time, we also anticipate that new segments of maritime will start to adopt VSAT due to the fact that HTS will help lower the economics of deployment. For instance, niche markets such industrial fishing could begin to justify the cost of VSAT for purposes of operational efficiency such as the online sale of catches—or even for crew health via telemedicine.

HTS changes that formula by making capacity more affordable or by increasing the amount of capacity for the customer. This becomes a game changer in satellite and for customers in maritime, this will provide particular value in allowing them to use new services or enhance what they have already deployed. SM Given the numerous operator models that exist today within the maritime comms segment, what should a service provider consider before selecting the most feasible option for customers?

What are the pitfalls that should be avoided? David Bettinger As HTS capacity comes to market new business models will begin to emerge, which will need to co-exist with traditional business models. For service providers, this means new levels of sharing and collaboration with regards to infrastructure.

The name of the game for service providers is to stay flexible and to choose the best operator model with which to align. HTS will result in operators needing to take over more of the infrastructure management, but on the positive side, this frees them to focus more on the customer and to find innovative ways to add value. The managed service approach, for example, allows the service provider to scale services more rapidly and allow for global coverage with low capex, but have less management control of the NOC with less margin.

David Bettinger HTS introduces new, complex satellite architectures. Satellite operators are faced with having to select different architectures in order to best serve various markets and geographies, which results in the sharing of spot-beam architectures. This essential becomes a matter of maintaining a consistent level of service in order to ensure your system can appropriately adjust and that you can continue to guarantee a quality standard when passing through unpredictable weather.

Features like adaptive TDMA and ACM and even group quality-of-service play a critical role in the process, helping to prioritize traffic for customers in a shared network Maritime customers continue placing critical and high bandwidth applications on the network and need the confidence that there will be zero degradation of service. More global coverage over a wide area places more emphasis on the importance of the SLA for maritime customers.

David Bettinger We live in an age where crew want to have access to email. They want the ability to call home to their loved ones. They have grown accustomed to the always-on lifestyle where they can access videos or any other multimedia content whenever and wherever they desire.

SATCOM enables this for maritime and ship operators are well aware of the competitive advantage this provides. Whereas in the past, this was never really a consideration, SATCOM has made personal connectivity a competitive advantage for vessel operators that have made the investment.

I think the role of SATCOM for crew welfare will only escalate in the years ahead, mostly centered around the concept of quality. It will no longer be enough to simply provide connectivity for the crew—but also to ensure that connection is of high quality.

SM What SATCOM service considerations should be made for working shipping entities, such as tankers, fishing fleets and so on, as opposed to the leisure maritime industry i. David Bettinger Working shipping entities need reliable connection to their corporate networks, to run business applications over the web and share large content files. You also have the personal aspect of connecting these vessels, such as helping crew monitor onboard mechanical and technology systems, and connect with operations back on shore.

Now, take a leisure maritime vessel, which can be considered a floating resort with full amenities.

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Straight to the Point: Toni Lee Rudnicki, Chief Marketing Officer, iDirect

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