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Better place lyrics saint asonia lyrics


better place lyrics saint asonia lyrics

Full and accurate LYRICS for "Better Place" from "Saint Asonia": Get away from me, Hide your shame from me, Get away somehow, You drag me down, Deny its. Better Place Lyrics by Saint Asonia from the Saint Asonia album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more: Get away from me Hide your. Read or print original Better Place lyrics updated! Get away from me / Hide your shame from me / Get away somehow / You'll drag me. VEGAS INSIDER NBA SPREADS

In anticipation of their upcoming tour here in the States, Derek recently sat down with Adam Gontier to look back on his career thus far and get the scoop of Saint Asonia. Check it out below, and be sure to pick up their self-titled today! AltWire [Derek Oswald]: When did the idea first come about to begin Saint Asonia, and how did all of you come together? Were you all close friends beforehand or was it more complicated than that?

Adam Gontier [Saint Asonia]: We had toured together in the past and we were all kind of friends. We both wanted to just sit down together with guitars and hang out, and not necessarily with the intention of making a record or putting a band together or anything like that. It turned out really well, and we ended up writing a couple of songs really fast. We just kept going, as there was really no point in stopping.

I wanted to keep writing songs and so did Mike and so we did, and well…here we are! Adam Gontier: Yeah! That was our first show, that was pretty crazy. We simply got the opportunity and we were asked to do it, and we got asked to be their special guest on Saturday opening the stage at about noon. We wanted to do it, so we took it. The crowd was large and the reaction was awesome, so it was a really cool first show.

Adam Gontier: I feel that through making the Saint Asonia record and by working with Mike Mushok in general, the bar was raised from the beginning. He definitely challenged me both as a singer and as a songwriter with all the different styles of music he was bringing to the table, so I think we both pushed each other in the studio and in a really good way. We had the freedom to just do whatever we wanted to do and I think that was one of the biggest differences in making this record, as compared to a Three Days Grace record because all the lyrics and the melodies were all me.

It was up to me to make them good. Creatively it was very freeing for sure. AW: Prior to the formation of Saint Asonia you had mentioned that you were working on a solo record that you planned to release in or Did Saint Asonia take the place of that, or are you still quietly working on your own solo record in between performing with Saint Asonia?

Did some of the tracks you planned for that make it on this record? Adam Gontier: Yeah absolutely. We took it very seriously when we realized it was something real that people were hopefully going to relate to and latch on to. When the opportunity came up that was my main focus and still is my main focus. Saint Asonia is now it for me. AW: One of your fans on Reddit would like to know about the creative process behind your music. When writing a song, how do you typically approach writing lyrics furthermore, when writing with a band do you traditionally prefer to write lyrics first and then make the instrumental or instrumental first and then the lyrics?

Do you feel personal pressure to make songs that save people? To be honest, yeah, I do feel a bit of that pressure, but not so much that it affects my songwriting process or lyrical content. I do think about that, for sure. Your departure from Three Days Grace was such big news when it occurred.

Do you have any regrets from that period? There were a lot of valid reasons why I left. At this point, there are no hard feelings. I talk to a couple of guys fairly often. All is good on that front, for sure.

Do you feel like your lyrical content has changed since leaving TDG? No matter where I am or a fan is in life, there are always challenges and tough times. Do you feel a sense of creative freedom with this band as opposed to TDG? I wanted to do what I loved, say what I want to say, and have fun while doing it.

I can definitely do that with this new band. How meaningful and fun was that for you?

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better place lyrics saint asonia lyrics

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