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Value investing conferences


value investing conferences

September 28, Value Investing Presentation at the CFA Society in Amsterdam. The Value Investing Seminar is the first International Value Investing Conference ever organized in Europe and has become a business meeting-ups for great. The mission of the Conference is to promote the tenets of value investing as pioneered by Benjamin Graham, to expose Conference participants to the various. MOE TV BETTING TRENDS

Having grown up, lived, studied and worked in multiple geographies, Rupal has a keen understanding of the socio-economic-political environments and cultural attributes of various countries in the world. She has several decades of experience analyzing corporate strategies and business models of thousands of companies in a variety of industries operating in North America, Europe and Japan as well as Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia.

It is clear, Rupal was born to invest. Bio courtesey Ariel Investments. Kiper, has served as a Managing Director and is a Co-Founder of Legion Partners Asset Management, an investment fund focused on accumulating large ownership stakes in undervalued U.

Prior to Legion, Mr. Kiper served as Vice President at Shamrock Capital Advisors, the alternative investment vehicle of the Disney family, where he served as Portfolio Manager of the Shamrock Activist Value Fund, a concentrated, long-only, activist fund, from April until January Before that, Mr. From to , Mr. Kiper served in a variety of financial and operating roles at Global Crossing Ltd.

Previously, Mr. Kiper served as a director of Reddy Ice Holdings, Inc. Kiper received a B. A in Accounting from the University of Nebraska in Greg graduated cum laude from Colgate University in and earned a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University in Brandt worked as a researcher analyst and writer at the Cuomo Commission on Trade and Competitiveness.

From to , he worked at Farley Capital. Over 25 years experience as a buy-side analyst at a NYC-based company that makes long-term equity investments. A generalist with broad interest and coverage but have an emphasis on conglomerates like Berkshire Hathaway and financial services firms. Many of his disciples have oversimplified his thinking to simple rules which did not work well in the last 15 years. Let us examine what Buffett really said and apply it to a modern world.

He did his Ph. Having read Warren Buffett's shareholder letters in the s he converted from an efficient market believer into a value investor. ACATIS is a value investment boutique in Germany, offering mutual funds equities, balanced, fixed income based on a value approach to public and institutional investors with total assets under management now numbering 3.

To quote German's eminent writer J. As this is an idea exchange, participants are asked to contribute in some way to the event. In other words some type of sharing of information and knowledge. This helps everyone become better investors and to benefit directly. In addition, it allows everyone to get to know the participant which usually leads to further discussion.

The rule regards non-solicitation and is as follows: During the whole event, please refrain from all unsolicited pitches — whether of investment or of business propositions. You should of course, feel free to respond to genuine enquiries of interest from other participants. Our goal in doing this is to create an environment that is conducive to learning and sharing. We have learned that some of our highest valued participants will not come if they think that they will be accosted by enthusiastic salespeople.

During the event, there are plenty of networking opportunities so once everyone gets to know each other, any future business happens on its own and thus sales pitches are not required. So no participant needs to worry about their story or business not getting known. The small size of the event ensures that everyone will speak to everyone. What's included in the event fee? Lunches, dinners, and activities over the 2-days.

How do I book a room at the hotel? We will send you a special hotel link with the special rates. You need to use this link to book your room and settle the cost directly with the hotel. If you need a different room then please feel free to contact the hotel and mention to them that you are coming for the event. They will most likely do their best to satisfy you at an attractive rate.

We have reserved a limited number of rooms that will be released past a certain date so book early. Should you not book, we do not guarantee you will find a room. Rooms are filled within a month of the event, hence book at least 2 months in advance. The hotel is flexible and allows changes. Group Chat We have a private chat on WhatsApp for participants only.

We use it for announcements but also for investors to communicate during the 2-day event and to discuss the ideas presented. We recommend that you join. How long are the presentations? I am presenting for the first time. How should my presentation be structured? Presentations are investment ideas or topics. That means during a minute presentation, no more than minutes must be spent on speaker background, process or company. There are plenty of networking opportunities during the breaks, lunches, dinners, and activities.

Speaker profiles are also featured on the website. How strict is time allocated? Very strict. We will cut you off at the minute mark. In our experience the majority of participants prefer we keep to the schedule. In our opinion, very few presentations need more time to get the main points across.

If you feel your presentation is RARE, has multiple dimensions and may need more time then contact us a minimum of 10 days before the event and we will look into your request. An example of a presentation that needed more time was one that a had a macro background aspect as it was in an Emerging Market, and b the investment idea was a holding company with multiple holdings in different sectors.

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The mission of the Conference is to promote the tenets of value investing as pioneered by Benjamin Graham, to expose Conference participants to the various value investing methods used by practitioners and to encourage and support academic research and study in the area of value investing.

Decred crypto mining In our opinion, very few presentations need more time to get the main points across. We assume no responsibility for your health. September Date T. Group Chat We have a private chat on WhatsApp for participants only. George Athanassakos is offering a highly sought after five day Seminar on Value Investing and value investing conferences Search for Value to finance executives, finance professionals, portfolio managers, financial analysts and individual investors seeking knowledge of value creation, valuation and value investing theory and practice. Apart from the aforementioned Prof. As investors, we were never satisfied by the conferences and events we have been to.
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2022 Virtual Value Investing Conference - Keynote Speaker: Raj Subramaniam

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