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Paul bettingen notary republic


paul bettingen notary republic

Before Maître Paul Bettingen, notary public residing at Niederanven, Grand-Duchy or Luxembourg, undersigned. THERE APPEARED. WORLD WIDE VENTURES CORPORATION. This notice is about Elian Fiduciary Services (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Before Us, Maître Paul Bettingen, notary residing in Niederanven. Before the undersigned Maitre Paul BETTINGEN, notary, exception to the Federal Republic of Gennany until the complete cessation of these abnormal. LOW INCOME INVESTING OPTIONS

Its extension to Faribault within a reasonable time is considered certain. Paul railroad, from the first named point northward, is progressing, and its completion is only a question of a year or two. Track laying on the first ten miles is now in progress. The line will be ready for the ties and iron by the 1st of August.

The Northern Pacific is talking of building a road from Fargo, D. Paul and Minneapolis on the west bank of the Mississippi, but these projects are only in embryo at present The survey of a short line between St. Paul and Minneapolis is supposed to be for a portion of this line, if it should happen to be built. A narrow-guage railroad from Rush City, Minnesota, to Grantsburg, Wisconsin, is in contemplation, and its immediate construction will be contingent upon the issue of bonds, an election upon which in Burnett county, Wis.

As stated the other day a railroad between Glencoe and Hutchinson is to be completed and put in operation this summer. Other railroad schemes are in progress of incubation, but enough has been given above to show that the march of railroad development in Minnesota is onward; that several hundred miles of completed railroad will be added to our system during the present year, and that the outlook for the future was never better.

There are seven banks in the city of St. Paul three elevators with an aggregate capacity of about six hundred thousand bushels of grain. They employ fourteen men, and during the year stored 1,, bushels of grain. The Seventh street elevator was only completed and in operation for a few months at the close of the year.

Many minor items might be given descriptive of the importance and progressiveness of St. Paul, but space will not admit of it and only the most conspicuous and those of a statistical nature have been mentioned. Express, United States and American.

Telegraph, Northwestern. David Day, postmaster. Abbott E J, physician, 70 W 3d. Adams George, hardware, 84 Jackson. Adams John Q, grain, 70 E 3d. Akers James, teas, E 7th. Albrecht Christain, harness, E 7th. Alexander Mrs Sarah, boarding house, 18 E 7th. Alness Arne L, clothing, 48 Jackson. Anderegg Conrad, boots and shoes, 95 Jackson. Anderson Gilbert, mcht tailor, 34 Jackson. Anderson Wm L, carpets, etc, 14 W 3d. Arbuckle Bros, fish dealers, Public Market. Armbruster Joseph, grocer, E 7th.

Austrian Julius, comn merchant, 81 Jackson. Backer Bernhard, shoemaker, Rice. Bahnemann Gottfried, grocery and saloon, E 7th. Bailey John A, wood dealer, 67 Robert. Baker George, 2d hand lurniture, 60 Wabasha.

Balme Mrs Margaret, grocery, Broadway. Barden Rowland, comn merchant, 84 E 3d. Barrett David, harnessmaker, 4th and Bridge, 6th Ward. Barrett William, Lawyer, 11 Wabasha. Barthel Dominick, mcht tailor, St Peter. Barwise Thomas, bootmaker, 45 Robert. Bassford Edward P, architect, lngersoll Block. Bast John, saloon, Lower 7th, nr Hope. Bates Mrs Eleanor A, cigars and confectionery, 22 E 7th. Bayer C, bootmaker, 44 Jackson.

Bazille John A, painter, 97 Jackson. Beals James B, lawyer, 31 E 3d. Becker Mrs J, notions, cor Martin and Rice. Becker Rudolph, druggist, E 7th. Beecher S A, dentist, 8 E 3d. Belzung James, merchant tailor, 29 E 7th. Belt J E, iron roofer, W 3d. Bender Peter, saloon, 21 Wabasha. Bentle Englebert, bakery, Robert.

Berg Joseph, saloon, St Peter. Berkey Peter, livery stable, 7 Corners. Berkman C C, veterinary surgeon, s w cor 6th and Cedar. Bernham Nathan, 2d hand furniture, no Wabasha. Berrisford Enoch F, baker, 63 E 5 th. Berrisford Thomas, baker, 65 E 5th.

Beulke Theodore W, meat market, E 7th. Beyer August J F, saloon, 92 Wabasha. Biggs Edward, wholesale drugs, 80 E 3d. Bireher Wm, Saloon, cor Bridge and 4th, 6th Ward. Blackford Samuel, agt Dr Halliday's medicines, 67 Wabasha. Bohrer Jacob, tinsmith, Bridge, 6th Ward. Bonn Henry, coppersmith, 87 E 6th. Booth Walter R, confectionery and bakery, 15 Wabasha. Bormann August, cigar mnfr, W 3d. Bott Peter, baker, 11 E 7th. Bourchier Henry, grocer, Robert.

Bower Thomas, monuments and gravestones, 28 E 7th. Boyle J Peyton, lawyer, 11 Wabasha. Bradley Alfred, boots and shoes, E 7th. Bradley W, builder, 39 E 8th. Braudigan Fred, tobacco and cigars, W 3d. Brandt Frederick, boots and shoes, Owatonna 6th ward. Brandtberg James G, shoemaker, E 7th. Braumueller John E, saloon, Robert. Brecher Arnold, Wholesale Clothing, E 3d.

Breg Joseph, grocer, 52 Eagle. Brennan James, livery, Wabasha. Brimley Emma, dressmaker, 98 Jackson. Brisbin John B, lawyer, 76 E 3d. Brown Edgar A, Jeweler, 75 E 3d. Brown Frank A, saloon, Fort. Brown Frederick S, books and stationery, 1 24 Jackson.

Bruggemann John, flour and feed, W 3d. Bruggemann Martin, brewer, St Peter 6th ward. Bryant Charles S. Lawyer, 37 Wabasha. Budd Charles H, lawyer, 30 E 3d. Bueger Henry, saloon, W 3d. Buell Mrs Henry, fancy goods, 63 Robert. Buneman Stephen F, grocer, 80 Jackson. Bunge William, Compressed Yeast, 95 E 7th. See adv. Burch John M, saloon, Virginia 6th ward. Burch Peter, bookmaker, 16 Washington. Burgess Mrs J, hoop skirts, corsets, etc, 32 W 3d.

Burke John B, grocer, cor 4th and Minnesota. Burkhard Wm R, guns, pistols, fiishing-tackle, etc, 39 E 3d. Burkley Martin, machinist, 9th bet Cedar and Minnesota. Burnand Eugene, Justice of the Peace, 33 W 4th. Burnes John E, fruits and tobacco, 86 Wabasha. Burr Walter T, notary public, cor 5th and Wabasha.

Burton Mrs Barbet, grocery, Robert. Burton Louis, 2d hand furniture, 51 E 7th. Butler H M, commission merchant, 84 E 3d. Butler Patrick, grocer, cor Wabasha and College ave. Butterfield Mrs May H, hotel, cor 3d and Broadway. Byrne Michael, fish and produce, 1 1 7 Jackson. Byrne William, saloon, 77 Minnesota. Caldwell Charles C, saloon, 47 Jackson. Callahan David, grocer, 6 Pearl. Cannon Joseph, plater, 82 Robert.

Capehart A R, lawyer, 40 E 3d. Cardozo Benjamin N, furniture, 87 and Jackson. Carle J B, harnessmkr, Bridge 6th ward. Caron O, bootmaker, 71 Robert. Cary A C, lumber, cor 4th and Market. Cavender Abram H, carriage tnnfr, 58 E 5th.

Cavietzel Louis, bleacher, cor 5th and Minnesota. Chambers Michael E, auction and commission, 75 Jackson. Chanson Louis, restaurant, 19 W 3d. Chittenden Edwin S, lawyer, s w cor 3d and Jackson. Churchill John, tinware, W 3d. Clarendon Hotel, 70, 72, and 74 Wabasha cor E 6th. Classen E, zephyr worsteds and fancy goods, 10 W 3d.

Claus Hermann, artificial limb mnlr, 41 Wabasha. Clyde William J, confectioner, cor E 7th and Brook. Coburn Mrs Sarah M, dressmaker, E 7th. Coe Clinton D, shirt mnfr, 22 W 3d. Cole M W, merchandise broker, 1 1 8 E 3d. Collet Charles, crayon artist, 70 W 3d. Connor Michael, merchant tailor, 63 Robert.

Constans William, brewer's supplies, 8 Jackson. Center John B, lime, plaster and cement, 18 Chestnut. Cook N A, saloon, cor 4th and Jackson. Cooley James, carpenter, 6th Ward. Cornish W D, Lawyer, 54 E 3d. Crane Michael, horseshoer, E 7th. Cromstedt John, saloon, cor 3d and Rosabel. Crowell Robert F, lawyer, 5 W 3d. Cummins Lawson C, marble works, 28 E 7th.

Curtice D L, surveyor, 21 W 3d. Daman Theodore, saloon, 34 E 1 ith. Danikroger Henry, grocer, E 7th. Danz Jacob, barber, E 7th. Davenport James, books and stationery, 20 W 3d. Davies Brothers, flour and feed, W 3d. Daw Wm, 2d hand furniture, 90 and 92 W 3d. Dawson A Co, Bankers, 1 06 E 3d.

Day David, Postmaster, cor 5th and Wabasha. Deck Frank, saloon, cor 5th and Minnesota. Dedolph Frledrich, Physician, E 7th. Defranchy Wm, fruits, etc, 39 Jackson and 6 Mississippi. Dehler Paul, sausage mnfr, Eigle. Delaney Martin, meat market, W 3d. Delany Williarr, saloon, 39 Robert. Deller Charles, sale stable, cor Exchange and Eagle. Dempsey George, plumber and gas fitter, E 7th. DeRochebrune Philip, lawyer, 13 W 3d.

Desjardins Joseph, carpenter, 60 Robert. Devine Mrs Hannah, confectionery, 88 Wabasha. Dickinson S G, variety store, 6 W 3d. Diedrich Nicholas, saloon, E 7th. Dieter Wm F, boots and shoes, 67 Jackson. Ditcher Samuel, barber, Fort. Dodge Ossian E, printer, cor 3d and Wabasha. Doherty John, saloon, 47 E 4th. Doherty Patrick, grocer, Fort. Donnelly Hugh C, saloon, 10 Wabasha. Donnelly James G, grocer, 82 Minnesota. Dorchester Miss S M, milliner, 70 W 3d.

Dorneseif Mrs Charlotte, midwife, E 7th. Dorsett Mrs E C, cigars, 55 E 5th. Dougherty Peter, grocer, cor Minnehaha and Payne. Dowlan John, wood, cor 5th and Wabasha. Doyle John, saloon, 72 Minnesota. Dufrene Edward, shoemaker, 99 Robert.

Dunn Edward, propr Nicollet House, E 4th. Pumps, Hydrants, Etc, E 7th. Dyer Hiram, meat market, Rice. Eagan P, saloon, Fort. Eagan John, meat dealer, 79 Minnesota. Ege Louis, cabinetmaker, T32 Sibley. Eggert August, lumber, cor 5th and St Peter. Ehrmanntrault Joseph, saloon, E 7th. Eibert Maximillian, meat dealer, 7 Public Market. Eisenmenger Louis, meat market, Wabasha. Eiswirth Peter, saloon, Fort. Elbel Mrs A, saloon, W 3d nr Fort. Eldredge J A, furniture and crockery. Ellingson Mrs Broline, boarding, E 7th.

Engel Jefferson, grocer, 74, 76 and 78 W 3d. Engelbracht Theodore, saloon, 40 Mississippi. Erd Mrs L, milliner, 36 W 3d. Erren Hermann, confectioner, 61 6th. Esch Mrs Mary, vegetables, Public Market. Esch Matthias, saloon, 33 E 3d. Essery Robert W, photographer, E 7th. Esterley Charles A, dry goods, E 7th. Etheridge Charles, insurance, Ingersoll Block. Fabel Phillip, boots and shoes, 1 10 W 3d. Faber C, restaurant, W 3d.

Fabil Edouard, barber, 7 Corners. Farr Joseph, barber, 11 W 3d. Farwell Wm T, pianos and organs, E 7th. Fassbind F, editor The Wanderer, 17 Wabasha. Ferte Charles E, druggist, 57 Mississippi. Fetsch George, wines and liquors, cor 6th and Jackson. Fetsch John, boots and shoes, 25 E 3d. Fetsch Brothers, cigar mnfrs, 7 1 E 3d. Fink Max, saloon, n e cor 7th and Franklin. Fischer Louis, merchant tailor, cor Franklin and 7th.

Flagg Samuel D, physician, Jackson. Flaherty John, saloon, 65 E 4th. Flaherty John, saloon, 85 Lafayette ave. Flannigan James, hotel, cor 6th and Minnesota. Flint Samuel M, judge municipal court, office court room, Public Market. Fogg Frederick, select school, cor 5th and Franklin. Foley Mrs Catherine, grocery, Bridge, 6th ward.

Fontaine Louis, boots, shoes and groceries, 6 1 Robert. Foos Andrew, saloon, cor Eagle and Washington. Foote Hiram W, oil broker, 43 Jackson. Forssell P M, tailor, 48 Jackson. Foster Addison G, real estate, 5 W 3d. Frank Wenzel, meat market, cor Fort and Goodrich ave. Franklin Louis P, wigmaker and hair goods, 48 W 3d. Freeman James G, mill supplies, E 3d. Frey C F Rudolph, veterinary surgeon, 86 E 7th.

Fristensky John, tailor, 76 E 3d. Gahr Jacob, grocer, cor Payne and Rainey. Galenic medical Institute, 45 E 3d. Garbielsen Peter, physician, 71 Washington. Garland Wm H, trunk mnfr, 41 E 3d. Gaston Wm K, Lawyer, cor Cedar and 3d. Gates Hiram D, drive wells, 16 W 4th. Gebhardt John N, saloon, 97 E 5th. Geissenheyner Wm, merchant tailor, 99 W 3d.

Geist Emil, jeweler, 57 E 3d. Gembe Franz M, saloon and confectionery, Broadway. Genois John, saloon, Robert. Gibbens John H, grain dealer, 41 and 76 E 3d. Gies Wm, baker, W 4th. Gildermann Frederick, grocer, cor Melrose and Farrington aves. Gill Wm C, Woodturner, 9 E 6th. Godfrey Wm J, wines and liquors, E 7th. Godske John, painter, Broadway. Goette Jacob, boots and shoes, Mississippi. Golden Sarah A, restaurant, fruits, etc, 95 E 3d. Goodkind Wm, jeweler, 30 W 3d.

Gootman David, second hand goods, W 3d. Gorman Ellis Stone, lawyer, cor 3d and Wabasha. Gould Wm, carriage mnfr, Wabasha. Graham Mrs Sarah, confectionery, Wabasha. Green Mrs Sarah E, physician, E 7th. Grote Hermann, saloon, Bridge Square. Gruber George, saloon, 98 W 7th. Guerin Vital, blacksmith, 84 E 5th. Guion Joseph, saloon, 5 Jackson. Guiterman Ambrose, fancy goods and notions, Jackson. Gundlach August, boots and shoes, Rice. Gurney Mrs Adeline, dressmaker, 84 Wabasha.

Guthunz Henry, Furniture, E 7th. Gutsche Henry W, saloon, E 3d. Haag Joseph, tinsmith, Fort. Haas George, fancy goods, 45 E 3d. Haeusler John, saloon, 96 W 3d. Haeussler Martin, hardware, stoves, etc, W 3d. Hagan Martin, physician, 40 Jackson. Haggenmiller Charles, saloon, 83 Jackson. Hale Henry, Lawyer, Jackson. Hall Hezekiah, commission agt, 10 E 3d. Hallberg John S, merchant tailor, E 7th. Hall's Safe and. Hamline University, Snelling ave bet University and Hewitt aves.

Hammer August, saddles and harness, W 3d. Hammer Edward, boots and shoes, W 3d. Hammer Jacob, harness, Jackson. Hamp Carl, baker and confectioner, 62 W 7th. Hand D W, physician, W 3d. Hanft Carl, barber, s w cor Broadway and 10th. Hanggi Joseph, wood carver and cabinet maker, 61 W 9th. Hanley Thomas, horseshoer, Jackson. Hansen Henry J, jeweler, E 7th. Hare R M, grocer, 5th st 6th ward. Harff Hermann, propr Minnesota House, 99 Rosabel. Harnish Anton, horseshoer, W 3d. Harnish Charles, horseshoer, 30 E 7th.

Harris Thomas, bootmaker, 68 E 3d. Hart Henry, cigar mnfr, 41 E 12th. Hauck Ferdinand, barber, 10 E 3d. Haugled Arne L, merchant tailor, E 7th. Hauser Leopold, clothier, E 7th. Hauser Louis, cigar mnfr, E 3d. Haycock John, wood yard, cor 5th and Robert. Hazzard George H, freight and ticket agt Iowa route, cor 3d and Jackson.

Heard I V D, lawyer, cor 3d and Wabasha. Heath Owen, broom mnfr, Jackson. Heber John, saloon, E 7th. Heck Jacob, saloon, 57 E 7th. Heck Peter, blacksmith, 14 W 4th. Heck Philip, barber, W 3d. Heidenrich Ernst, blacksmith, E 7th. Heimann Isadore, clothier, 82 E 3d. Helland John, saloon, 37 E 4th. Hemenway L H, physician, 97 W 3d. Henriksen Andrew, Tailor, 11 W 3d.

Hennig Charles, tailor, 65 W 5th. Henschel Adolphus, confectioner, Fort. Henshel August, merchant tailor, E 7th. Herzog Daniel, Saloon and Billiards, Jackson. Hess George E, grocer, E 7th. Hewitt Girart, real estate, 26 E 3d. Hicks John H, restaurant, 31 Jackson. Hildebrand Carl, shoemaker, 78 St Peter. Hill Mrs Louise, furniture, E 7th.

Hirschy Charles, general engraver, 87 W 3d. Hirst Mrs Elizabeth, intelligence office, 18 W 5th. Hoag Miss Margaret, milliner, W 3d. Hoffman Adam, barber, St Peter. Hoffman L P, grocer, Fort. Hoffmann Peter, saloon, 13 Sibley. Hofmeister Carl, shoemaker, E 7th. Hohn Charles, saloon, 80 Wabasha.

Hollinshead Edmund R, lawyer, 2 E 3d. Hood John A, boots and shoes, 14 E 3d. Horeish John, boots and shoes, Fort. Horn Henry J, Lawyer, 11 Wabasha. Homer Charles, shoemaker, Wabasha. Hornung Frank, brewer, Washington. Horst Charles L, stoves and tinware, St Peter. Hummel Mat, saloon, cor 9th and St Peter. Ilingworth Wm H, photographer, 79 E 7th. Iltner Christian H, cigar mnfr, 62 Jackson. Isaacs Leopold, Wholesale Cigars, 53 Jackson. Itin Matthias, hardware, groceries, etc, west end Bridge, 6th ward.

Jackson Andrew, saloon, E 7th. Jackson W N, grocer, 29 E nth. Jans Theodore, propr Washington House, W 3d. Jansen Heinrich, saloon, 85 St Peter. Jerome Peter, restaurant, 57 Robert. Johnson Bros, gunsmiths, 82 Robert. Johnson Charles J, saloon, E 7th. Johnson Wm R, fancy goods, E 7th.

Tones John, veterinary s. Jones John P, bleacher, W 3d. Jones Miss J J, milliner, 38 W 3d. Jones Mrs J P, dressmaker, W 3d. Jones Thaddeus C, hatter and shirtmaker, 5 E 3d. Judd Henry T, job printer, n e cor Jackson and E 6th. Kaelble J Friederich, shoemaker, E 7th. Kahlert Justus, machinist, 58 W 7th. Kahlert J C, dyer and scourer, N 3d. Kampfer F, tailor, 95 E 4th. Kauffmann John, wagonmaker, 82 Oak. Kaufman David F, saloon, 77 Robert.

Kearney Mrs Sarah J, confectionery, 97 Robert. Keil Wilhelm, Saloon and Birds, 5 Peal. Keller John M, lumber mnfr, n w cor E 7th and Minnesota. Kellermonn Heinrich, merchant tailor, E 7th. Kellogg M N, notions, toys, etc, 48 E 3d. Kelly Daniel, boarding house, W 3d. Kelly Francis, saloon, 50 E 4th. Kemper Heinrich, flour and feed, 83 Rosabel. Kennard Frederick A, laundry, cor 3d and Minnesota.

Kennedy James, barber, 88 Robert. Kennedy Mrs Mary, boarding, 65 E 6th. Kerr Charles D, lawyer, n w cor 3d and Robert. Kersch Cornelius, merchant tailor, Jackson. Kerst Peter, wagonmaker, 22 Ramsey. Kieffer Jacob, meat market, 68 W 7th. Kiely Edmund, saloon, cor Minnesota and 4th. Kiemen John, baker, E 7th. Kimball Charles R, ticket broker 27 Jackson. Klein John, saloon, 96 Wabasha. Klerner John, saloon, 96 Wabasha. Klerner John, saloon, Jackson. Kloos John, meat market, W 3d. Knauff August, saloon, 37 Wabasha.

Knight Augustus F, architect, 3 W 3d. Koch Louis G, saloon, 54 W 3d. Koch Matthew, grocer, 58 W 7th. Koempel Henry J, sign painter, 2 1 W 3d. Kohl John, second hand goods, 1 94 W 3d. Kohlman Louis, carpenter and builder, 1 23 Exchange. Konzem Matthias, grocer, E 7th. Krahmer E F, house and sign painter, 76 W 7th.

Kramerath Charles, flour and feed, 96 E 5th. Kreyer Carl, merchant tailor, Robert. Kuck Heinrich, baker and confectioner, E 7th. Kuhl Matthias, grocery and saloon, Bridge 6th ward. Kuhn Michael, cigar mnfr, St Peter. Labelle Edward, shoemaker, cor St Peter and 14th. Lains Augustus, grocer, Fort. Paul's Sunday school. No effort or ex pense will be spared to make the concert a complete success. Steers, of Tygh Valley has sold out his interests there and will leave on the Regulator in the morning for Orrilia, Wash.

The Chronicle wishes them abundant success. Tom Bolton of Rutledge left on the noon passenger today for Walla Walla to bring down the famous stallion Sultan, once owned by the late Mr. Wooden oOCingsley. Bolton has purchased Sultan from Walter Wooden and intends to use him on his horse ranch in Sher man cjunty. This morning Dr. Rinehart, assisted l y Dr. Logan and Mr. Will Moody re moved a tumor, nearly as large as a man's fist, from the neck of a young man named Slavin, who came all the way from North Yakima to place himself Du ller the care of Dr.

The oper ation was a complete success, and the patient is now resting nicely, with every hope of complete recovery. The new owner of the monkey then presented it to a saloon keeper who placed it among the other attractions of his whiskey mill. A curious case, involving the ownei ship of a child, will come before Judge Bradshaw as soon as its present custodi dians have responded to a writ of habeas corpus by presenting the child in court.

A Japanese and his wife have possession of the child, and claim to be its parents,. Both parties are ready to do any amount of swearing in support of their claims, and it may take the wisdom of Solomon to unravel the mystery of the child's parentage.

Frfcui the Seattle Post-Intelligencer we learn that our former fellow townsman C. Bayard is one of a number of gen tlemen who have filed in the auditor's office, Seattle, articles of incorporation of the Washington Consolidated Mining and Milling Company, with a capital stock of a million dollars. Bayard is a member of the board of trustees. Bobt Mays accepted from Jud Fish the present of a thoroughbred sooner dog.

Mays sent him out to one of his ranches and then the trouble began. Now report has it that one point Mr. Mays has made up his his mind and nothing short of an earth quake or a cyclone will ever move it. The first man who brings a sooner pup or a partridge cochin rooster on any foot of earth owned bv Mr.

Mays will have to lick him if the presenter has to chase him a mile to catch him. I If any place can beat Wasco county for big babies it has now a chance to re port. The mother and child are doing nicely but report says it will be some time before the father recovers from the surprise of finding a boy almost big enough to do the family chores the moment he stepped into the world.

Quite an enthusiastic meeting of The Dalles Republican Club was held last night when, after the usual routine business and the passage of a resolution instructing the executive committee to secure the vacant rooms over the Chron icle office for the future meetings of the club, Editor Michell gave a rousing speech in favor of a protective tariff and an honest dollar after which Hon.

Hill claimed that the question of good wages, of profitable re turn for labor lay at the root of the whole protective system. Destroy pro tection and you reduce the income of the toiler to a level with that of the un der paid labor of Europe. Reduce the toil of our laborers to a mere struggle for existence and you sap the foundation of our free government. A free govern ment to be successful must have a pros perous and contented people.

The band boy's ball last night was a complete success. The attendance was good, the hall being comfortably filled, the music by the Bettingen orchestra was excellent, a very pleasant and en joyable time was had. Charley Phillips did himself proud as caller, the venera ble George Knaggs presided with char acteristic dignity at the door.

Al Varney rendered valuable service at the piano, while Al himself sawed the "bull" fiddle' Al Bettingen acted as musical director while his accomplished father discoursed classic music on his clarionet and Dick Fisher made the ambient air vocal with his silver cornet. A pleasant feature of the evening and one highly appreciated was a large basket of button hole favors for the iadies and gentlemen, in the form of rose buds and heliotrope blossoms.

Al Varney. Dancing commenced about 9 o'clock und was kept up vigorously till one when under the mellow strains of "Home, Sweet Home," the happy crowd wended their way to rest and pleasant dreams. The first steamer that ever plied on the waters on the Pacific has been lying on the rocks near the entrance of Vancouver harbor since August. As she could not possibly nave carried coal enough to last her from Lon don to the mouth of the Columbia River, she was rigged out as a brig and made voyage under sail in days.

She made trips up and down the Columbia River from until the Hudson Bay Comyany's charter expired in , when the Imperial Hydroera phic Office purchased her for use in ex ploring the coast of the Pacific. After many years of this work she was sold, and her remaining days were spent car rying ore and supplies and towing logs until wrecked in a gale in Efforts have been made to purchase her and refit her as she originally appeared, but all otters were rejected. From the Diiily Chronicle, Wednesday.

Kllis spent last mglit in the city and left for home on the noon passenger today. Clark lecfc, for many months a member of the Chronicle force has just returned from a trip to Portland. The owners of the Cosmopolitan hotel property today began the work of thorough reconstruction of the founda tions of that large building. In the suit of Middleton vs.

The Sun Publishing Co. The attention of Judge Bradshaw, in the circuit court, was taken up almost wholly today in arguments of the su:t it equitv of Moodv vs. Miller, a case of long standing. The Chronicle is pleased to learn that the health of Hon.

Smith of Hood River, which has lone been a matter of serious regard to his manv friends, is almost completely restored. Nichols of Boyd is' in the city He reports plowing in full blast in his neighborhood and says the ground was nevsr in better condition nor the pros pects more hopeful for good crops. Uncle Linus Hubbard has presented this office with a handsome double pho tograph, taken by D.

Herrin of this city, of the Whaleback steamers Colgate Hoyt and C. Wetmore, passing through the Sault St. Marie canal. Close to the hour of noon today six Indiana were observed tenderly carry-'j ing the corpse of a fellow aborigine to the edge of the river below the mouth of Mill creek where they placed it in a skill and started on a funeral procession to Hamaluse island.

Ferguson of - Astoria,. Judge Thorn bury. Ferguson's late husband was sheriff of this county away back in the 60's and was at one time grand worshipful master of the Masonic order of the state. Judge Thornbury went down this morning on the Regulator to Hood River to familiarize himself with the necessities of that section in the matter of improving the eastern approach to the Hood River bridge and the grade on the state road leading down to Hayne's Spur.

A meeting was called last night in this city for the purpose of organizing a local union" of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Over a score of persons responded and the proper steps were taken to obtain a j charter. The union will start" out with 25 charter members. The map is one of purchased by the company for gratuitous distribution among its patrons. The crop of prisoners at the city jail was larger than usual last night, three drunks and one victim of impecuniosity having been pulled in.

One drunk paid his fine, another an old offender was sent off to herd sheep, while the third is working out his fine. The victim of im pecuniosity will also have a chance to earn a equare meal under the general ship of Jack Staniels. The pastor of the M. We can assure you that you will be kindly treated and given a royal welcome. Ladies also in vited to be present. Services every night this week. The Chronicle office had the honor of a visit fiom W.

Freeman, of Lower Fifteen-Mile, today. Freeman is thv man who forced open a horse car belonging to the Union Pacific and jumped out his horse which the com- pany was holding for an extra freight charge after a contract had been entered into to carry the horse for a specified sum.

Freeman is the only man in Wasco county who ever got even with the Union Pacific. The habeas corpus case reported yes terday, involving the ownership of a child, which was expected to be tried be fore Judge Bradshaw, has been settled, but just how is unknown to even Mr. Dufur, the attorney for the plaintiff. It will be remembered that a Japanese and his wife had possession of a child which a Chinaman and his-wife claimed as theirs. The Japs made a similar claim for themselves.

Hence the writ. Yesterday afternoon the Chinaman set tled the accrued costs and withdrew the suit, but who has possession of the child we have been unable to learn. Maud Fowler was the happy recipient of a pleasant surprise party last evening at her residence in this city. The Woman's Relief Corps and quite a number of other ladies met at Mrs. Patterson's and from there repaired to Mrs. Fowlers, to the great surprise of that lady.

Twenty-three ladies were present, but to save space and time I will omit the names. Sufficient to say quite an enjoyable time was had in plaving games and having a general social time. Light refreshments were served in the form "of delicious cake and fruit At the hour of ten the ladies dispersed to their separate homes all feeling hap pier for the hours spent in social chat with one another.

We are permitted to copy the follow ing extract from a private letter received a few days ago from Washington and written by a gentleman well known in this city and one thoroughly familiar with what is going on at the capital "It is no use to hope for an appropri- etion for a public building at The Dalles. I have conversed with many democratic statesmen in the congress and of the lobby and all appear agreed that the Holman resolution was not meant for "bunkum" but was in the line of prac tical politics and will be adhered to rig idly and the more particularly so when the republican state and districts are to be sufferers.

There will be some sort of showing of fairness in the appropriation bills for current expenses but no new works provided fori.

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