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Football betting movie


football betting movie

Sports betting movies ; Bookies (). Rotten Tomatoes rating 67% ; Two for the Money (). Rotten Tomatoes rating 22% ; Lay the Favourite (). The 5 Best Movies About Sports Betting You Need to Watch Right Now · 1. Casino () · 2. The Color of Money () · 3. Eight Men Out () · 4. Some Movies That Involve Sports Betting ; Two for the Money. Unknown - ; Uncut Gems. DVD - ; Silver Linings Playbook. DVD - ; The. WILLIAM HILL BETTING SHOPS MANCHESTER

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Eight Men Out The World Series is one of the most notorious controversies in professional sports. This movie tells the tale of the players and White Sox brass involved in throwing the game. Fun fact: D. Sweeney is in The Cutting Edge, the best movie about figure skating. Toe pick! In this Martin Scorsese-directed oeuvre, Cruise and Paul Newman play pool hustlers who scam people out of money because why not? He also makes killer salad dressing. Two for the Money Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey star in this sports gambling film about a former college football star-turned-handicapping guru.

The movie also touches on betting addiction and how it can ruin your life and the life of those around you. Remember videotapes? Lay the Favorite Based on the life of bet wiz Beth Raymer, this movie is about a woman who realizes she has a knack for sports betting.

Fun fact: Bruce Willis plays a big role in this movie. He is also a part owner of Planet Hollywood, an eatery where you can nosh on an overpriced hamburger while a cutout of Sylvester Stallone eyeballs you menacingly. Shout-out to True Detective Season 1! Anyway, this movie is a staple for basketball fans and sports bettors alike because it combines the hustle of streetball and the smarts needed to bet.

Gary Payton, another former hoopster, makes an uncredited appearance. The Gambler James Caan plays a Harvard-educated professor with a penchant for gambling and a love for Dostoevsky. The best part? His name is Axel Freed, which is one of those monikers that you wish was yours.

This movie is not for the faint of heart, and shows how someone can fall into a pit of despair and get really comfortable in the dark. Eight Men Out Sports betting is often associated with game fixing and throwing and Eight Men Out is a film about one of the greatest such scandals in history, the World Series. The White Sox were greatly favored by the bookies and their elimination over the eight game series made the group that paid them off a substantial profit.

Charlie Sheen and John Cusack star in the movie as two of the young players who decided it was worth throwing the Series due to disputes with the club owner. The movie looks at both sides of the medal without any assumptions and portrays a realistic image of the event as well as an unbiased look at all the involved parties.

Smart Money Img source: imdb The worlds of sports betting and stock market are often paralleled by many and the main protagonist of Smart Money, Jimmy wants to become a stock broker himself. In order to do so, he decides he will acquire the starting capital and money he needs to get his license by joining an illegal sports betting syndicate. The thrilling drama takes the viewers to the edge and is certainly worth a watch.

The Gambler Img source: imdb Loosely based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Gambler is a tale of Alex Freed, an English professor who enjoys basketball and gambling just a little bit too much. Despite having a great life and family, Alex ends up in massive gambling debts over betting on basketball games and extends the problems by borrowing money from his own mother.

The drama only gets more complex when the main protagonist talks a young basketball player to cheat for him, which instead of resolving his problems only makes matters worse. Can Alex turn his life around or does it all end badly, you can find out by having a look at the actual picture. Let It Ride Img source: imdb Anyone familiar with sports betting and gambling also knows about hot and cold streaks and how people may believe in them just a bit too much.

Let it Ride is an amazing movie about a cab driver who accidentally gets his hands on a great horse racing tip which he uses and makes a fortune at the track. However, the drama does not end here, as the cabby played by Richard Dreyfuss keeps on gambling and starts to win even more. Will he end up broke and without any of his winnings or is he going to break the bank?

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Focus (2015) Betting Game Scene Part 6(Channel V Clips)

Plot[ edit ] Brandon Lang is a former college football star who, after sustaining a career-ending injury, takes a job handicapping football games.

Best ethereal albums Believing he has what it takes and the guts, Fast Eddie Felson, played by Paul Newman, decides to travel cross country to challenge a legendary player, Minnesota Fats, played by Jackie Gleason. Desperate to keep living, he enlists the services of a few of his students, including the schools lottery pick star, to help him find the money. Spoilable things ensue, and the culmination event, in good bet related fashion, revolves around wagers made on the outcomes of a football game, and a dance contest. This makes it impossible to relate to him or sympathies with the man as football betting movie deliberately steers his life into the gutter in order to punish himself source of guilt. He secretly begins gambling all of his own money on Lang's picks and becomes suspicious that Lang is having an affair with his wife.
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football betting movie

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